Thursday, November 05, 2009

a card a day...

Story time...

A couple of years ago I was cleaning up my scrapbook room and organizing my stacks of idea books.  As I thumbed through each one, I was struck with the thought of how many of them were so similar – in concept and content.  Throughout the next few days, I started thinking about what I’d like to see in an idea book – something new and different.  That’s when the concept of “a-card-a-day” popped into my head…and once it was there, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.  (keep in mind...this was way before any of the other "_______-a-day" (fill in the blank) ideas were running rampant everywhere!) 

I e-mailed Cath, inquiring about the possibility of developing my rough idea into an actual proposal, and hopefully an actual idea book.  Cath was kind and encouraging, but as the months went by, I assumed the idea wasn’t as fresh as I’d once thought.  You can imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail last autumn, telling me that my idea had been approved and would be developed into one of Paper Crafts’ special issues this year!  I was equally surprised (and even MORE thrilled) when I was asked to contribute several ideas, including openers for each chapter of the book.


Working with the Paper Crafts’ team of editors was amazing – they were helpful, constructive, and so supportive.  As I worked on my projects, I was inspired by the holidays, colors, and general themes for each month.  I was also excited to use a variety of products, mix and match manufacturers, and have limitless bounds to the amount of creativity I was able to put into each card. 

After the open call, all of the cards were chosen for the book, and I was able to get a very early sneak-peek -  I was absolutely floored – the editors chose amazing card designs to feature in this book, created by a variety of very talented paper-crafters.  a-mazing!!

I was able to visit the Paper Crafts and Creating Keepsakes gals one up in their Bluffdale office one day last spring...and of course, I was thrilled to be invited to sit with them on the couch for a group picture - how fun are they?!?

Then Jennifer and I got to spend some time in front of the camera(s) for a photo for the editorial page in the book.  I got there and the shirt I was wearing (a cute yellow top) was the exact same color as the background they had chosen.  Luckily, Jennifer was an old pro and had several shirts on hand - so she let me borrow this cute green number.  It was a complete coincidence that we were both wearing jean jackets, lol.

There were two photographers (Simoni and Brian) - this is Brian...watching the monitor as Simoni snapped the pictures.

Seeing a book go from conception to completion was an amazing process.  I enjoyed every last minute - and would love to do it again someday! 

Now that you've read all about my fun experience, you want to check out the book yourself, right?  Paper Crafts is giving away a copy (or THREE) today - just visit their blog HERE and leave a comment to try to win one.  You can also purchase the book by visiting their store HERE!


  1. huge congrats my friend!!! this is so exciting, to see your idea and concept come full circle! i know how much work you put into this (well, i HEARD about all the hard work!), and you should be very proud of this baby! i cannot wait to see a copy of it!

    and btw, that group shot is so cool! so glad you got to sit on that couch :)

  2. Congrats Wendy Sue!! What a project! I seriously have been looking for a project like this and I will certainly buy one. I love cards but sometimes I run out of ideas!
    You have had quite a lot happen to you lately in your SBing career...amazing!

  3. That is awesome Wendy! Huge congrats!!! And congrats on CK too - what a big week for you! Go celebrate!! Hugs

  4. OK, I just saw the preview on the website. Just ordered it! So gorgeous! I love cards and I need some inspiration!

  5. That's wonderful!! Congratulations on the idea coming to life in a wonderful book! Can't wait to get my hands on it!!

  6. congrats Wendy!! this is so awesome!! can't wait to see it!!

  7. WOW! Congrats Wendy! Can't wait to take a peek at it!

  8. Wendy, I had no idea! I am so excited for you, I am excited to see the book!

  9. how exciting! More good things happening! Can't wait to get one!