Wednesday, September 16, 2009

eating right...

Now that school is in full swing, Zach is stuck at home with me for half of every single day.  Although the first few days he insisted he liked cleaning...which is true, as long as it involves a bottle of something to spray and an entire roll of paper towels!  Anyway, I have been feeling kind of bad for the poor kid - he's lonely...and I must not be very fun.  lol!   So when this fun little package arrived on my doorstep, I knew it would be the perfect little thing to make his day special. 

Let me back up, several months ago, I applied to join an online group called Team Mom.  They review products for companies...and give them feedback from the point of view many companies are looking for - moms and kids.  That's how I received this little box of fun.  It's full of product samples from Safeway and Warner Brothers, Loony Toons - who have teamed up to create meals, snacks, cereals, and drinks kids love and moms feel good about giving them (because they are healthy)!

Anyway, here's my cute little guy with his fun surprise:


He loved the bag - and immediately asked if he could keep it to take snacks when we go in the van.

He carefully unloaded the contents:


(a chewy bar)








He was anxious to give each one a try:


He tasted the chewy bar, but didn't love it.  I, however, quite enjoyed it.  It had dried berries and a layer of chocolate on the bottom.  Yum. :)


He tried the fruit cup also.  He couldn't get the fork to cooperate, so he opted to use his fingers.  Good stuff!


Of course, the apple juice was big hit - especially when we put a straw in the bottle.


And he gave the pasta a valiant effort, but just didn't love it.  He's super picky though.  I saved it, and we'll see if Seth would like to eat it for lunch.  It smells good.

I really like that this company has geared a line of HEALTHY food toward kids with these classic cartoon characters.  (instead of fruit snacks, candy, etc.)   The individual packages would make GREAT additions to school lunches (if your kid is a 'brown-bagger').  They would also be perfect to keep in the pantry for after school snacks. I can see my big kids enjoying the food (as long as their friends didn't see the cartoon characters on the packaging, lol).

I also thought it was interesting to note that the FTC highlighted this product line for it's ability to have a positive impact on childhood obesity.  Even though my picky little eater didn't love everything in the sample pack, there are over 60 other items (across 18 categories, including breakfast foods, produce, dairy, snacks, beverages, and frozen entrees) available at Safeway


And we'll definitely be using the cute little insulated tote on many future road trips! :o)

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  1. he's so cute! at least he liked a few things in there. lol! sounds like a great idea though. my hubby works for safeway, but i havn't heard anything about this stuff. i really need to work on finding new ideas for the girls school lunches. they have the same thing every day ... salami sandwich, fruit, crackers/chips, and a fruit snack. they tell me it's getting boring ;)