Thursday, August 06, 2009

small town parade...

Last week was our annual county fair.  The kids were all in the Brad and I felt like we were on a little date...for about an hour and a half, while we watched the parade from a curb on main street and waited for our kids to pass by us!  I took pictures of almost everything - so the kids could see are a few of my favorites:

wasatch county parade 2009

The three boys were on the UVU float (top left corner and bottom right corner).  Our cute neighbor, Katie, who works at UVU, invited them to ride again this year and they were SO excited!  Meagan is on the fire truck (the center column, 2 bottom photos) with her awesome baseball team...but don't strain your eyes looking for her, she's on the opposite side of the truck.  bummer.  Hopefully my sister was able to get a picture of her to share with me - I heard she was on the other side of main street.  (I think if you click on the collage you'll be able to see it bigger, if you want to.)

It was funny to watch the drill team...they were doing a parade routine that looked eerily similar to the one we were doing over 15 years ago.  And do you see that teeny tiny horse pulling those people in the wagon?  I couldn't decide if that was cute or terribly mean.  Still can't decide.  The other photos are just fun things I thought the kids would like to see - my favorite was the dog in the back of the ranger all decked out with flags and red/white/blue banners.  :o)


  1. i totally see your boys on there! how fun for all of them. although i'm most jealous of meagan. i'd give anything to ride on a firetruck. there's just something about firemen ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos! as for the horse, I can understand how it might seem mean, but I bet it is pretty easy for him... the way I thought about it is that he is pulling something very similar to a rickshaw, and humans pull them all the time! Even a smaller horse is MUCH stronger than a human. And it was a leisurely pace, and I bet no big hills. Anyway, that is what I think, for all that might be worth!