Friday, January 30, 2009

random january photos...

I didn't take a ton of photos in January...but here are a few random photos taken throughout the month:

Meagan made cookies a few herself:


...(well, she let her little brothers help)...Zach was the official beater licker:011109_zach_cookies 

The boys spent many hours building marble tracks:


I loved sneaking in and getting a picture of Meagan and Josh reading the Book of Mormon together one Sunday evening:


Yummy cupcakes from our sweet neighbor:


Zach fell asleep in the van one afternoon when we went to pick up Meagan from school.  I brought him inside and put him on my bed.  About five minutes later, I walked back to find him in the doorway like this...sound asleep:


This is a little something I've been working on:


I'm not a worm lover (or lover of any slimy thing, really), but when Seth came home from preschool with this little night crawler, he couldn't wait to get a photo with him (of course, he had to cover his own eyes, because "the night crawler has big eyes of his own"):012709_seth_nightcrawler_ey

And we're getting ready to bid farewell to this (finally):


The cupboards and pantry are coming out tomorrow...and the tile is coming up on Wednesday...yes, these are very very happy days...


  1. love the random photos of the kids hanging out together! and that picture of zach sleeping is hilarious ... always funny how kids can fall asleep like that. lol! can't wait to see more of your inspiration binder ... you going to show us inside? everyone is doing these ... i need to make my cover all pretty too. and i can't wait to see your new kitchen. your cabinets look exactly like mine ... and i'd love to change mine!

  2. it sounds like your getting a new kitchen---how fun. so does this mean your staying in your home and not selling it anymore.

  3. That photo of your little guy asleep in the doorway is precious! I wish I could fall asleep anywhere. That is talent! And honestly, girl, I would be happy to have that kitchen. It makes mine look beyond scrubby. I'm holding out for a new house though! LOL!

  4. great pictures - i am so bad - i did get my camera out today - but didn't get any fabulous pictures. Love love love your project below. Your amazing@ good luck with the new kitchen!!

  5. Yay for a new kitchen!!!! How fun to have that done the way you want it!