Friday, December 05, 2008

december 5...

The boys and I spent the morning wrapping presents for the kid's Christmas party we're having tonight.  The cousins draw names, so we've had fun shopping and choosing gifts for four of their little cousins.  I was surprised about how excited Seth and Zach were to wrap the gifts - they chose which paper, which bow, which ribbon, and which tag to put on each gift.  They all ended up looking different and fun.  In fact, they had so much fun that we decided to wrap the gifts for our Anderson family party that is next Saturday. 

We met at mom and dad's house at 5:30 for dinner (turkey, rolls, salads....all so yummy).  Then the kids took turns opening one gift from a cousin.  It was neat to watch them individually open the gift and to see how excited they were -- and then they played with their gifts for over an hour before we decided to head home.  Meagan received a gift card to Bath and Body works (she requested it when Kristy asked her what she'd like),


Josh received a cool little "cheat" thingamabob for his DS,120508_josh_gift 

Seth got a great Play-Doh set (one of his favorite things of all-time is play-doh, so he was in heaven), 120508_seth_gift

and Zach received an Aqua Doodle Mat featuring Dora and Diego (this is fun for ALL of the kids). 


Thanks so much, family, for such thoughtful and wonderful gifts!

Brad had to take clients to the Jazz game tonight, so he left the party a bit early...tip-off wasn't until 8:30.  I am glad he was able to be there for most of the party, even though he had to head to Salt Lake and wouldn't get home until close to midnight after the game.

For today's daily photo, I wanted to use a picture of my brand new Nativity Set.  On Thanksgiving Day, my mom presented Karli, Kristy, and I with a gift.  She told us it was an early Christmas present...something she wanted us to enjoy between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We opened our boxes to find the Willow Tree Nativity set...something I have wanted for a long time.  december5_stamped

I was so excited and couldn't wait to come home and set it up on my piano.  I love love love it!! (thanks again, Mom and Dad!)


  1. another fun Christmas post... yay for celebrating with family!

    I love the Willow tree nativity, I'm sure it looks beautiful on your piano.

  2. I had to come out of hiding to tell you how beautiful this set looks!! What an awesome gift to get! Our daughter has put this on her wish list and I can see why. Have a great week!!