Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas afternoon...

This is the first year since Brad and I have been married that we didn't have our big family get-together on Christmas morning.  Since Rustin and Karli have moved out of town and my sister's in-laws were getting together in the morning this year, we decided to forego the traditional Christmas morning breakfast and gift-opening party and have lunch together instead.

I have to say...I'm a fan of the afternoon get-together.  It was nice to be able to lounge around at home and not have to hurry out the door.  The kids were able to play with their toys, I was able to shower and get dressed without being rushed...and Brad was able to go out and shovel the snow.  Seriously.  Tons of snow.  We definitely had the white Christmas I'd been hoping for...and then some!

It was a gorgeous day - big white fluff everywhere.  Unfortunately, that meant that Dad had to be out on the snowplow on Christmas day...keeping the roads safe!  We waited for him to get home and we ate a delicious lunch (thanks, Mom), and opened all of our gifts.  Once again, we were all spoiled by Mom and Dad...and each other.  It's so fun to watch everyone open up surprise after surprise...especially when you're the giver.  Really...so fun!


[I got a little point and shoot camera to keep in my purse...these pictures were taken with that camera.  I don't love them.  I'm hoping there's just a learning curve with the p&s's, because I don't want to always take my big camera everywhere with me.  Maybe it's the camera.  Maybe it's me.  The jury's still out.]

We came back home after Dad went back to work.  We played lots of wii (and had the sore arms the next day to prove it), ate lots of turkey, picked up lots of little k'nex pieces, ate fudge, played Clue, and shoveled snow.  It was a fabulous afternoon and evening - spent together as a family...just the way Christmas should be.

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