Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a few more holiday things...

This year, we were visited by the Christmas Fairy. It was like the 12-Days-of-Christmas...delivered by a very sneaky fairy. She brought us lots and lots of treats...and never did tell us who she was...but she made the days leading up to Christmas fun and exciting for all of us -- thank you, Christmas Fairy! :o)


Our family decided to make treats this year to deliver to our neighbors and friends (and family). I wanted to do something out of the ordinary...so when I saw these on TV (either on Good Things Utah or Studio 5), I knew I wanted to make them.


Finding the fortune cookies wasn't as easy as I thought it would be...but one Saturday afternoon, the stars aligned and I was granted my wish, lol. Brad and I went shopping and out to lunch...lunch just happened to be Chinese in Park City. When the waiter brought us our fortune cookies, I noticed they weren't wrapped individually (like our local Chinese place), so I told Brad (mostly jokingly) that we should ask them if they'd sell us some. Well, when he was paying, he asked...and they sold us a whole box! I couldn't wait to come home and start creating our little gifts.


We dipped and rolled hundreds of fortune cookies...then we bagged them up...and put them in the cutest little "take-out" style boxes (by American Crafts), tied them with curly ribbon and added our little card.


I thought they turned out cute...and I was excited to deliver something a little different this year.


By the way...we still have hundreds of (un-dipped) fortune cookies in our pantry...so if you want some, come on over! :o)


  1. What a darling idea! And how great that you bought them from a Chinese restaurant!! I need to just start a Wendy Sue file of all your cute ideas!

  2. They look so pretty!! I bet they were appreciated by all!

  3. how cute are these! the fortune cookies look yummy ... and love the packaging on them! so sweet of you do this for everyone!

  4. I'll buy some from you! My kids would be in heaven! They were so yummy by the way and were packaged so cute no surprise!