Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas morning in photos...


Josh had to write a last-minute letter to Santa this year...after his DS broke a week before Christmas, he decided he'd rather have a new DS than the other items he'd already asked for.  Good thing we sent the letter via Reindeer Express...Santa received the letter and was able to come through for Josh.122508_collage_meagan

Meagan only asked for one thing from Santa this year...an orange i-pod.  Does she look happy or what?


Seth asked for the Diego Animal Rescue Railway.  Unfortunately, Santa's workshop didn't make enough for Christmas and he ran out before he received Seth's letter.  He did, however, bring Diego's Animal Rescue Center...and Seth was pleased.  In fact, he said it was "just what I wanted!!"


Zach asked Santa for a race track...and was excited to find not one, but TWO racetracks waiting for him on Christmas morning!

Santa also brought Mom and Dad some gifts...namely a WII and some fun accessories. 

Everyone also received lots of other fun gifts - snow clothes, regular clothes, books, toys, and lots of candy.  Yes, we were all spoiled...but we were very good this year, so what else would you expect???

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  1. all the kids look very happy with their gifts from santa! love the look of surprise on meagan's face the most!