Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tonight I had a stake meeting.  When I got home, I walked into my office to see a big piece of tape across my computer monitor.  Of course, I was not happy.  "Who put tape on my screen?" I said...not too quietly.  Meagan came in and explained that Josh had put it there (shocker, right?)...and he'd told her NOT to take it off.  She proceeded to change my screen, so it was bright, rather than the black background of my screensaver/wallpaper.  This is what I saw:


A love note from my 9 year old...and I love how the very first thing he wrote was an explanation that "it pills rite off."  Even before he asked for a kiss, "please."  What a polite little guy, huh?  So, I decided to just give him a kiss and not get mad at him for sticking packaging tape on my computer.  It's all good...unless he thinks that drawing looks like me.  Oh...and we'll have to have a little talk about him calling me Wendy instead of Mom as well...


  1. So cute! I love those types of moments! It makes life a little easier sometimes to know your kids really care and love you!

  2. this is so cute wendy! and love that you got a picture of it! sarah is always writing me notes and letters ... especially after she's been in trouble. lol! i save them all too!

  3. lol! Funny and sweet! He's a keeper!

  4. That is so cute! I love it when kids do sweet things like that!!