Friday, November 14, 2008

gratitude game...

Last spring, I was asked to create a kid's Thanksgiving Day activity -

for Home & Heart Magazine

This is what I created:


It's a pretty generic game that could be played lots of different ways...My first idea was for it to be a matching game - each game piece has a letter on the back...there are two of each letter of the alphabet.  So if you found a match, you would have to say something you are grateful for that begins with that letter.  Or you could just pull out a game piece and say something you're grateful for that starts with that letter.  Or draw a picture of something you're grateful for that starts with that letter...and so on.

My little guys are just started to learn their abc's, so it will be fun to play this game with them.  And I think it will be fun for the big kids (and those of us who are kids at heart, lol) too.  One thing I didn't do, but should, is laminate the pieces so they don't get torn and wrinkled as easily.