Friday, September 05, 2008


Nine years ago, I spent the Friday morning before Labor Day weekend doing just that - laboring. Literally. This handsome guy is the 9 year old version of the beautiful baby boy who was a result of that labor.

And he was SO worth the work! lol

In honor of Joshua's ninth birthday, I thought it would be fun to list nine random things about him:
1. He is super sensitive
2. He loves the computer and is really good at it
3. He is a very talented artist
4. He has earned 100% on almost every spelling test he has ever taken
5. He still lets me give him a hug (and sometimes a kiss on the cheek or forehead) whenever I want
6. He loves to stay home alone while I run errands...he's very independent
7. He likes to help me bake
8. He loves 4-wheeling...and doing all kinds of outdoor things
9. He collects rocks and loves to hunt for pretty and unique ones

On his birthday, Josh had to go to school. He took chocolate candy bars to share with his classmates...and they all made him a card during class. When he got home, he helped me bake his cake. He wanted layers -- white cake, white frosting, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, frosting name and candles. He also requested oreo icecream AND chocolate chip cookie dough icecream.

After we finished his requested dinner (chicken enchiladas), we had a family party. He blew out his candles on the first try - hopefully his wish comes true!

Then he opened his gifts. He's been telling us for months that he wanted cash for his birthday so he could buy whatever he wanted. We took him to Target the night before, so he could spend some of the cash...because I wanted him to have some gift to actually OPEN on his birthday. He bought a game for his DS (Mario Kart), two packages of Pokemon cards, and some pajamas (that I MADE him buy). He got the rest of the cash rolled up and tucked into a bag with a Webkins. His grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were generous and showered him with gifts, gift cards, and the ever-popular, cash!
Happy Birthday, Josh!
We hope this year is your best one yet!!


  1. happy birthday josh!!! sounds like a great day ... and i wish i could have had some of that cake and ice cream! all my favorites! lol!

  2. Wow! Is he really only 9? He looks very grown up to me. Lily just turned 9 in April, I didn't realize they were the same age. Sounds like a fun day for your handsome boy.