Friday, September 26, 2008

my crazy life...

Right now my life is crazy...even crazier than usual...but I know there are a few of you who keep checking in to see if I've updated anything around here. I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten my blog. As soon as we get some things worked out and settled down and get back to some form of normalcy around here, I'll get better about posting. Until then, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures from a little family outing we took a few weekends ago. We love driving up into the Uintah mountains to see the Upper Provo Falls. We were actually surprised about the amount of water there was this late in the summer. It was a nice, cool Saturday - the kind where you can almost feel Autumn in the air.

(photo by Meagan)

(photo by Meagan)

(photo by Meagan)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

education week...

Did you know this week is education week on the Making Memories blog? All week they will be showing new projects, new ideas, and new ways to use product. Today is my turn. My assignment was to use the new clear stamps.

If you read more about it, go here. :o)

Monday, September 15, 2008

a preschool miracle...

Seth's first day of preschool is something I have had extreme emotions about...from one end of the spectrum to the other. Not for the reasons you may think though. Seth has always been slow to adjust (or maybe I should say he has NEVER adjusted) to situations that are out of his comfort zone. Up until this summer when Meagan started babysitting for us, he has never been good for a babysitter (granted, we only tried twice...but it was too traumatic for all of us to try again). He has never gone to his Primary class without me or Brad. He completely freaks out when we enter a building that remotely resembles any type of hospital or doctor's office (which is totally understandable considering his short history...poor kiddo). Anyway, I have been feeling fear and dread about him starting school for a long time.

Last spring, I found out about a woman in our ward who had started a preschool in her home. I didn't really know her, but she seemed like a really nice person and I was anxious to learn more about her preschool. I had an opportunity to speak with her and I shared some of Seth's anxiety issues and my own concerns. She then proceeded to tell me that she preferred to focus on the "social" side of preschool...not so much the "academic" part. It seemed too good to be true. Seth is smart - he is familiar with shapes, letters, numbers, colors, etc...all of the things kids learn in preschool. It was the "social" side of the situation that caused me much stress. Laurie's philosophy seemed to be exactly what I knew we needed, so we signed him up. That was the beginning of the summer. I spent the summer talking to him about preschool, trying to get him excited, trying to get both of us prepared. As the weeks rolled by, he seemed to be excited about the prospect of preschool...though he still wouldn't go to his Primary class alone. Even though I tried to put up a happy front, I was less than convinced we would be able to do it.

We went to a preschool open house the week before labor day. Seth loved the bright colors on the walls, the fun toys, the "library," AND he seemed to really like his teacher. He talked excitedly about his preschool all the way home. I actually felt a little glimmer of hope...hope that maybe he would actually go to preschool and be okay. But I didn't let myself really hope it...because I didn't want to be disappointed and frustrated.

Well, the day finally arrived - September 2 - the first day of Preschool. Seth woke up and wanted to get dressed in his new school clothes, complete with backpack immediately.

It took some convincing on my part to get him to eat something before we left. We drove to Laurie's, talking about how fun his day would be and how he was going to be able to be with his new friends and how exciting it all was.
We went inside and found his name above his hook.

We were early, so we talked to his teacher for a minute. Then I told him I had to go because only kids could be at preschool, not mommys (we'd had this discussion several times already over the summer). I honestly expected tears. I was completely floored when he said "okay. bye." Simple as that. I left. (Zach was the only one whining...and that's because he thought we should ALL stay for preschool.)

The next few hours went by pretty quickly - Zach and I ran errands and did some stuff for Zach, eh? When we went back to pick up Seth, this is what we saw:

and then this:
Do you think he had fun? He did. He absolutely did. He kept telling me, "I had an awesome day at Preschool, Mom." and I think he asked me a dozen times, "Did Zach miss me? I'll play with him now that I'm done with my Preschool day." So so cute.

Of course, we had to take pictures with his very first Preschool projects:

Every Preschool day has pretty much gone the same way. And every day between preschool days is just a countdown day until preschool day comes again. I truly feel that finding this preschool was a miracle...a place where my anxious and tender hearted little boy could feel comfortable, safe, and answer to my prayers.
Now, if we could only figure out how to get him to go to his Primary class...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

since it's cooler today...

I'm really getting in the mood for fall...and along with that comes thoughts of the holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I'm starting to feel those first pangs of excitement and anticipation. Along with yesterday's cool weather, this magazine issue is helping to foster the holiday mood:

I believe you can find it on newsstands right now...and contrary to what the cover might lead you to believe, you'll find ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving inside too - not just Christmas.

I was asked to create a few projects for this issue. One project included a variety of Halloween Party/Classroom favors. I was specifically asked NOT to use food or candy in my projects -- here's what I created:

I've enjoyed this magazine over the past year, and I'm sad to know that this is the final issue. Stephanie is very talented and I'm glad we'll be able to continue seeing her fabulous work in other places too.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a winner, some answers, and wednesday morning entertainment...

First thing's first...the winner of my drawing for a goodie box:

And, Mary, I believe I have your address, so you can be watching for a goodie box soon. I hope you all received your surprise boxes from O'Scrap...and I hope you're loving them!
Next, Mrs. Swiz asked a few questions on my last post about the Scrap Boxes...but I don't have an e-mail address to get back to her, so I'm answering her questions here.

1. The table top measures 34" wide x 23" deep...not a huge work space, but definitely doable...especially when you don't have to spread product out in front of you, because it's all nicely organized all around you. I've actually removed the tables from my two scrapboxes because I have a large table to work on...and I like being able to see ALL of my product at once (when the table is not set up the bottom compartments are hidden behind it).

2. The doors have wheels on them to make them easier to open and close. The base also has wheels. My office is carpeted, so I do not move the entire ScrapBox at all. However, when we did the spot on GTU, we were on hardwood floors. The Scrapbox was not entirely stocked, but it wasn't empty...and it moved very easily on and off the floor of the set.

3. I believe you'd have to order your ScrapBox directly from the company to get the "Wendy Special," but definitely give them a call to find out.

I hope that answers your questions adequately...If you decide to go ahead and purchase one, I promise you'll love it!

And our Wednesday morning entertainment consists of this:

The boys love to watch for the garbage truck to come down the street - there is something absolutely fascinating about the claw that reaches out and grabs the trash cans, lifts it up, then empties into the huge container on the back of the truck. Even when it's freezing cold outside and you are in your pj's (even inside/out pj's), the best view is from the front porch - definitely! And of course, we absolutely have the cutest garbage truck driver EVER...and he always smiles and waves. ;)
The weather is cool (54 degrees right now) and rainy this morning - I LOVE it. It makes my heart happy, in spite of other difficulties we're facing right now. I love the change of seasons and Autumn is definitely preparing to make her grand entrance...

Monday, September 08, 2008

scrap boxes...and a bonus...

I've received several e-mails about my ScrapBoxes since I shared the pics of my scrap room last week. I have answered all of them, but I thought maybe it would be good to share some more information here as well.

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE my ScrapBoxes. They hold SO much stuff. Seriously. I had shelves full of product lining my wall...stacked up...spilling so much product. After I got my first ScrapBox, I was able to organize and fit everything inside. Not only does it hold a lot, but it keeps it all organized too...and the bonus is that I can close it and my room is all tidy and neat. I ended up getting a second ScrapBox just to hold and organize all of my Making Memories product. It's the best thing ever.

Second, the price. It's true, they aren't cheap. But they are truly a very nice, high quality, sturdy piece of beautiful furniture - worth every penny. seriously. There are several different options for colors and panel styles. Three of my friends have purchased ScrapBoxes and they all picked the knotty alder style.

Third, the bins, drawers, totes, and zipper pouches are ALL INCLUDED with the ScrapBox. You can also purchase additional sets here.

And here's something that might be a better option for some of you...a brand new addition to the line...the MINI BOX!
I just found out about these - a mini version of my beloved ScrapBoxes. I think I may be adding to my little family of cabinets soon. very soon. The smaller one might be perfect to sit under my window in my scrapbook room. It also might be just the perfect cabinet to put in the toyroom...for holding games/puzzles/etc. Yeah, I totally need one. At least one...

Okay, if you're not convinced yet, let me tell you about a little special surprise. Last week Glen (the inventor of the ScrapBox) called me to tell me about the MiniBox. He also said that he'd like to offer a special incentive to my friends/family/blog readers. If you like the ScrapBox and/or the MiniBox and decide to order one, just tell them you heard about it from me (Wendy) and they'll send you a bonus of two extra ribbon totes with your Box!
You know you have tons of ribbon stashed away - and these cool totes are the perfect way to organize it all!
If you're on the fence, let me remind you that Christmas is just around the corner (holy cow!) - and this would make the most incredible gift from old St. Nick. And they totally fit in his magic bag. In fact, he can fit several in at once. ;)
If you have any questions that I might be able to answer, feel free to e-mail me, or post here - I dont' work for the company, but I'll do my best to answer any questions from a ScrapBox lover's point of view. And if you call the company, they are super nice and I'm sure they'd be happy to help you too! :o)

Friday, September 05, 2008

my scrapbook room...

[A few months ago, I had the opportunity to be a guest designer at Emma's Paperie. Part of the gig was sharing my scrap space. I thought it would be fun to share the same photos and info. here on my own blog as if you've already seen this, forgive the repeat. :o)]
Welcome to my scrapbook area! Here we are, standing in my bedroom, looking into my office. Come on in.
From here you can see my two big filing cabinets that hold a lot of my 12x12 paper and cardstock. On top of the cabinets you’ll find my favorite photo printer (an Epson Stylus Photo 1280) and my tool organizer. The shelf on the wall holds projects that are “in progress” or recently completed – until they find a permanent home. And if you look closely, you can see that I have several photo frames tucked between my filing cabinets and the wall – a project that’s waiting to be started.
love the big window above my table – it lets in lots of sunshine – and early in the mornings, I love to open it up and listen to the birds sing. On my table you’ll always find my computer monitor, lamp, sewing machine, and paper trimmer – they are necessities for me! (the speakers, keyboard, and mouse are usually on the table, but sometimes they get moved to the cabinet if I need more space to spread out.)

When I’m sitting at my table, I’m facing the wall with my two Scrap Boxes. They are the greatest organizing armoires you’ll ever meet! Take a peek inside – amazing, right? There’s a place for everything!!! The one on the left holds all of my Making Memories product. The one on the right holds almost everything else. J I love that I can close them up to make my room look and feel tidy, or I can open up the doors so I can see everything I have all at once!

And on the wall next to the door, you will find my bookshelf. I love having this open shelf here. It’s mostly “functional” but I was able to fit a few things on it just to be colorful and fun. All of my scraps are in the file boxes, my photos that are waiting to be scrapbooked are in the albums on the top shelf. I love having a bunch of idea books and magazines within arms reach when I need a little bit of inspiration.
The wall that’s behind me is a closet. I’m not going to show you the inside. It’s a mess! But it’s the kind of mess that you can look at, dig into, and find fun things that you totally forgot about – so that’s a good mess, right?!? One of these days I’ll organize it all…but not today.
If you have any questions for me – I’d love to hear from you!


Nine years ago, I spent the Friday morning before Labor Day weekend doing just that - laboring. Literally. This handsome guy is the 9 year old version of the beautiful baby boy who was a result of that labor.

And he was SO worth the work! lol

In honor of Joshua's ninth birthday, I thought it would be fun to list nine random things about him:
1. He is super sensitive
2. He loves the computer and is really good at it
3. He is a very talented artist
4. He has earned 100% on almost every spelling test he has ever taken
5. He still lets me give him a hug (and sometimes a kiss on the cheek or forehead) whenever I want
6. He loves to stay home alone while I run errands...he's very independent
7. He likes to help me bake
8. He loves 4-wheeling...and doing all kinds of outdoor things
9. He collects rocks and loves to hunt for pretty and unique ones

On his birthday, Josh had to go to school. He took chocolate candy bars to share with his classmates...and they all made him a card during class. When he got home, he helped me bake his cake. He wanted layers -- white cake, white frosting, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, frosting name and candles. He also requested oreo icecream AND chocolate chip cookie dough icecream.

After we finished his requested dinner (chicken enchiladas), we had a family party. He blew out his candles on the first try - hopefully his wish comes true!

Then he opened his gifts. He's been telling us for months that he wanted cash for his birthday so he could buy whatever he wanted. We took him to Target the night before, so he could spend some of the cash...because I wanted him to have some gift to actually OPEN on his birthday. He bought a game for his DS (Mario Kart), two packages of Pokemon cards, and some pajamas (that I MADE him buy). He got the rest of the cash rolled up and tucked into a bag with a Webkins. His grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were generous and showered him with gifts, gift cards, and the ever-popular, cash!
Happy Birthday, Josh!
We hope this year is your best one yet!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

some american crafts projects...

I know I need to get better about updating my blog. We had the most relaxing and fun weekend - and I have photos to share, but I don't have time right now to get them loaded. Today is Josh's I need to get his cake baked and the floors mopped before he gets home from school...but I wanted to post a little something

Last week, American Crafts debuted a few kits on HSN. As a "local design team" member, I was able to create a few pages and cards using the kits they sold. I thought I'd share a few of them today:

These were my very first ever 6" x 12" pages and I LOVED it! It was fun trying something new. All of these pages were made to show along with the glitter pen kit.

Also, I just thought I'd mention that I'll draw a winner from the comments on the post below next Saturday. And I'll be back soon with a fun recap of our family getaway down to southern Utah...and probably a birthday recap of today! :o)