Tuesday, August 19, 2008

summer vacation is officially over...

Our day started bright and early...and I'm getting old...I know, because I'm now the mother of an official middle-schooler! okay, I've always been her mother, but the middle-schooler thing is new. Meagan woke up on her own (just like she always has) and got ready for school with lots of time to spare. She requested french toast for breakfast and pigtails for her hair. She wasn't thrilled with her camera toting mother...but I know one day she'll be glad I made her stand still for two seconds for a couple of quick pictures.

Middle school starts an hour earlier than the elementary school, so she headed out without her brother for the first time since we moved here.

The bus arrived at 7:29 am...(she looked so small compared to the Jr. High and High School kids on her bus)...

...and then she was off.

When I walked back in the front door after seeing Meagan off, Joshua was up and getting ready -- proof that he was, indeed, excited for the first day of school. He requested blueberry muffins for breakfast...and he messed up his hair (on purpose) after I combed it. After packing his lunch and taking care of a bloody nose (grrr...on his NEW shirt), and changing into a new shirt, he stood for the obligitory photos. He wasn't thrilled, but he was cooperative, so that's good.

As soon as I snapped a backpack photo, he literally ran out the front door without so much as a "goodbye." *sniffle* He probably thought he'd outrun me...but I followed him to the bus stop anyway.

He continued to ignore me (what is up with that - isn't he too young to be embarrassed by his mom?)...and I continued to take pictures.
His bus arrived at 8:36 - only 15 minutes late. Yes, it's the same bus Meagan rode an hour earlier.

And he was off - ready to conquer 3rd grade.

It's funny, they've only been gone a little while, and I am already anxious for them to come home and tell us about their day.
...and there went summer...

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!! :)


  1. Wow! Hope they're having a great first day!!

  2. nice pics! Something for all of you to look back and treasure those old memories.syeda

  3. wow, they look so old! i'm still wondering how i can have a jr higher. lol! and that is such an early start time for meagan! an entire hour earlier than we do here. lol! hope they all had a great day!