Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a BIG change...

Someone in our family is going to do something BIG later today!
It will be a big change - something that will affect our daily routine.
Any guesses?
Just to make it fun - if you guess what the big change is
(and who it will be happening to)
before I post again tonight, I'll send you a little scrappy prize! :o)


  1. Gosh - I don't know a whole lot about your family! How about your husband is changing jobs so his hours will be different. Probably a bad guess, but that's all I can come up with on this boring April Fool's Day!

    Sue in Alexandria VA

  2. My guess is Meagan is going to cut her hair, and maybe donate it.???

  3. hmmm... My guess is that one of your boys will be having baseball or some other sport practice, and then you will be having games and practice to be going too. (I guess this 'cause I have 3 boys and this is what is going on here at my home right now).

  4. i'm terrible at this kind of thing. lol! i'm thinking your youngest and something to do with potty training ... but is that really something that you can schedule and plan for? although now i'm not sure if you're youngest is actually in need of potty training. lol!

  5. I can't even venture a guess, but I'm excited to hear about it!

  6. How about your husband will be working from home after today?

    kristan martin

  7. i don't know your family, but I am guessing someone will be sleeping in a big kid bed....

  8. Hi,
    I too don't know that much about your family. But I guess it may be you. Maybe a job out of the house.

    Sharon in Michigan

  9. Hi
    Wow - what a cool question !! I don't know your family either but I'm going to guess it's about your daughter megan and maybe taking horse back lessons or has a after school baby sitting job ??

    Can't wait to see !!