Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the big change revealed...

This was Meagan this morning - just before walking out the door to school.

As soon as she got home from school, I took her to see my buddy Shana at the salon.
This is the first thing Shana did.

Then she took out her scissors and did this.

After getting her hair washed, cut, dried, and styled, here is Meagan now:

Isn't she the cutest?!?

And now she has two 15" ponytails to send to locks of love. :o)

Lorilee - you are amazing - I can't believe you guessed it!! Send me your address and I'll share some scrappy goodness with you! :o)


  1. i never realized her hair was that long! how cool is that ... i think it's great that she is donating her locks! and i have say as much as i love long hair ... her new haircut looks completely adorable on her!!! so cute!

    i've been trying to convince alyssa to cut off some hair. it's been the same, long length forever! maybe i'll show her meagan's photo!

  2. She is DARLING with that cutie short 'do! She looks so much older! :o)

  3. Wow how grown up she looks now. So cute!

  4. All that hair was beautiful...I covet that hair!

    What an awesome kid to do that.

  5. Meagan is so beautiful! I love her new hair! How neat to give her hair to Locks of Love; not many have hair like hers to be able to do that! :)

  6. WOW! That is very cool, Meagan! Good for you.

    I would have never guessed that, and I am beyond impressed that someone did.

    BTW, Meagan looks like a little pixie with short hair. SOOO CUTE!!

  7. I still can't believe I got that!! How long did it take her to grow her hair out. She is so darling!

  8. so cute!!! what a great service and she looks absolutely adorable!!