Saturday, April 19, 2008

backyardigans overload...

I'm thinking that might explain last night's little conversation with Seth.
It went something like this:

Seth: Mom, how old were you when you and dad got married?
Me: I was 20.
Seth: How old was Daddy?
Me: He was 22.
Seth: When did Daddy go to the temple? Was it before you got married?
Me: Yes, Daddy went to the temple when he was 19 - before he went on his mission.
Seth: Oh! Was it a secret spy mission????

I think I know what we'll be doing for Family Home Evening on Monday!!! :o)


  1. i can totally appreciate this! i know this show all too well. lately, i seem to have a song for everything that my girls say ... like cartoon songs, old commercials, etc. and i know i have used the backyardigans songs on them. lol! they told me i need to get a new job! lol!

  2. That's hilarious!! And I *heart* The Backyardigans! ;o)

  3. How cute! I can just hear him saying that!

    P.S. Thanks for making my day with the yummy surprise. I really appreciated it!

  4. Ok, that is hilarious! Totally sounds like something my Ethan would say! So how did the FHE lesson go?