Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I’ve been tagged twice now with the same tag…so I guess I should do it! I was tagged by Laura and Melissa to list seven random facts about myself. I did this once a while ago…but here are seven more random things you probably don’t know about me:

1. I like to eat my food from the outside in. For example, if you give me my favorite candy bar, a 3 Musketeers, I’ll eat off all the chocolate and then I’ll eat the nougat. If I have a slice of watermelon, I’ll eat around the edges and save the very center piece for last (that’s the best part anyway!). And if I’m eating a sandwich, I’ll usually eat all around the edges (crust first) before I eat the center. Meagan does this too…perhaps it’s genetic, lol.

2. I do my BEST cleaning when I’m in a bad mood. When I’m upset, I scrub and declutter and clean clean clean to work out my frustrations. I remember locking myself in the bathroom when I was really young…like 10 or younger…after getting upset with my parents. Guess what I did while I was in there? I got out the comet and I scrubbed the sink and tub. Dang, I wish this was a genetic trait...my kids are always mad at me...can you imagine how my house would sparkle if they cleaned every time they were mad or in a bad mood too?!?

3. I would love to go back to college and get a second degree. Not a masters degree...a completely different bs degree. If I did, it would be in English…totally useless since I would never want to teach, but incredibly interesting. (I earned my first bs degree in accounting way back when...) :o)

4. I am terrified of mice. I once spent quite a bit of time standing on top of a cooler on a houseboat in Lake Powell because I saw a mouse. The only reason I got down was because my dad told me he saw it swim away. I guess I was gullible…because now I’m pretty sure that mice don’t swim (although I’d like to believe THAT one did…because if I even consider the idea that I spent 4 days on boat with a mouse it makes my insides churn...literally.)

5. If anyone ever wants to get me in a good mood, all they have to do is clean out my car or scrub my bathrooms. That's all, lol. I LOVE clean cars and clean bathrooms…however, I don’t love cleaning cars or bathrooms. (Brad doesn’t usually read my blog, but maybe I should have him read this post, huh?)

6. One of my biggest regrets is not being a good roommate in college. I was self-centered and selfish and not the kind of friend I should have been. We did have lots of fun times, but overall, I wasn’t a very good roommate. Seriously, if I could live those few years over again, I would do things SO differently…

7. Lots of people assume that because I work in the scrapbooking industry, my own personal scrapbooks are up-to-date. That assumption would be dead wrong. I’m SO far behind…I’m not really stressed about it, but I am behind.

I am not going to tag seven people…but if you want to do this, you definitely should because it’s lots of fun…and please be sure to let me know if you do it on your blog! :o)


  1. Cute post. I'm glad you did that tag. :)

  2. thanks for playing wendy! i probably would have ignore the tag ... but i got it twice too ... so i figured i had to play! lol!

    i eat that way with some things too. like reeses ... you have to bite all the edges off and then savor the middle. and my ice cream ... vanilla topped with lots of chocolate syrup and tons of nuts. but i actually eat around most of the chocolate and nuts ... so that i have a few good, huge spoonfuls of that at the end!

    and i'm another that cleans like crazy when i'm mad! sometimes that's a good thing!

  3. That's funny about eating food from the outside in. I'm that way with sandwiches as well, but once I hit the middle I'm done! The middles are too squishy for me! And that's interesting about the college roommate thing!!