Thursday, March 13, 2008

sunshine & snow & summer layouts...

Two days ago it was almost 50 degrees, the sun was shining, the kids were playing outside, I was able to see patches of grass peeking out from under the mounds of snow in my was a gorgeous day. Yesterday was cloudy, but it was still fairly warm (I even did a little bit of window washing & blind cleaning). This morning it's snowing. I think it's supposed to snow and/or rain for the next 3 days. Crazy. Mother Nature is crazy.
Last week I got a big box of projects back from Creating Keepsakes. Over the last few years, I've been able to help them with projects for some fun kits they put together. My pages were used for the packaging and/or instruction booklets included with the kits. I asked for permission to share these projects here on my blog, and permission was granted, as long as I shared a link to their website - where the kits are available for purchase.
Most of the kits I worked on had 8" x 8" pages...a fun size to work with. Also, for the most part, I was only allowed to us products that were included in the kits (with a few exceptions) - so pretty much everything you see is included in the kits.
These layouts were created using a "travel" themed kit. They are fun and bright - perfect for some older summer get-away photos! How old? Well, that baby is Seth...not kind of old. Oh, looking at these pictures is such a contrast to looking out my window right now, lol!! :o)

I can't find this exact kit on their website, but I linked up the kit page...and I'll keep looking for this kit.


  1. Wendy, I always love seeing your layouts! You make such fresh & current layouts, but they're also functional, too, if that makes sense.

    PS, I eat Butterfingers the same way you eat Milky Ways!!!

  2. cute pages wendy! i think i've seen a few of these kits before ... i want to say at target or joanns? love the 8x8 size sometimes ... just so small and compact!

  3. Great lo share. I feel your pain on this ongoing snow. Yesterday was so nice and then today 6 inches of snow! Guess I'll go help Savannah build a snowman since it is the "right" kind of snow for it. Didn't get one built the whole season lol.