Saturday, March 15, 2008


Is this not a gorgeous quilt??

(click on the photos to see the incredible detail)

I really would like to win it.
Wouldn't you?
You can enter to win it by visiting this blog - Old Red Barn Co.
In another life, I am SO going to be a quilter...until then, I'll cross my fingers.
And if I don't win, I hope someone who reads my blog does! :o)


  1. That really is beautiful!!! Thanks for the link. In theory, I am a quilter. In actuality, I am a piecer of quilts. I love putting the tops together. I am desperately afraid of quilting them, though. SO, the tops pile up until I am wealthy enough to pay someone else to quilt them for me!

  2. that's a gorgeous quilt! i had some thoughts years ago about making a quilt ... then i realized that i can't sew for the life of me. lol!

  3. Beautiful! Going to check it out...

  4. that quilt is gorgeous.
    i want to learn to quilt too.

  5. To bad I can't sew at all! That quilt is gorgeous. :)

  6. that IS gorgeous! I am so with you, my next life I AM a quilter! LOL

  7. I missed out on the drawing for your awesome quilt! I've never made one but perhaps someday I will. My mom made close to 1000 flannel children/baby blankets when she was alive. I have many of the scraps that were left over and one day I intend to make them into a quilt wall hanging. You are in inspiration to me!