Monday, March 17, 2008

new wheels...

Nope, not for me. I don't need new wheels right old ones are just fine. But the kids, on the other hand, really needed some new wheels...and Brad was the first one to admit it! So Saturday morning we made a few arrangements and headed to SLC. We were hoping to purchase 16 new wheels...but we returned home with only 8. We did, however, order 4 more...and we're hoping to find an additional 4 within the next few weeks - hopefully before Spring Break!

Even though it was FREEZING cold yesterday, we let the kids play on their new 4-wheelers for a little while. No, we won't normally allow them to ride on Sunday (for those of you who were concerned)...but on Saturday we put the little (battery operated) 4-wheeler together for the little guys, only to find out that the battery needed to charge for 18 hours before they could they watched the big kids ride on Saturday and we felt like it was only fair to let them try out their new wheels when the battery was ready.
Meagan is normally SUPER cautious and conservative. I wondered how she would do with a little bit of power underneath her. She actually surprised me a bit and was really having a great time - she wasn't gunning it, but she wasn't puttering either. I was proud of her!
Josh is our little dare-devil. He was quick to find out just how fast that baby could go! (I believe Brad will be making a few adjustments in the near future...that baby goes entirely too fast!) Our day ended when Josh decided to get close and personal with the fence and hurt his leg a bit -- enough was enough (I know, that's what we get for playing on Sunday) and we all went inside to warm up. By the way, Josh is fine - the 4-wheeler is fine - and I believe the fence is fine as well.
Seth was having a pretty good time on his little 4-wheeler too. He's got a ways to go on the steering/"go" pedal pushing/general coordination area, but he had as good a time as the big kids did!
And here's Zach on his borrowed wheels (thanks Daxen). This little tiny 4-wheeler is the perfect size for Zach right now...but he thinks he can ride the big kids' 4-wheeler as well. I think he's going to be a lot like Josh - not scared of a big machine and willing to push it to find out just what it (and he) is capable of. That's not a scary thought - no, not at all.
So now the kids are more excited than ever for the snow to melt and the mud to disappear (though I believe there is a kid or two who wouldn't mind 4-wheeling through the mud) so they can ride, ride, ride. By then, they should each have their own set of wheels so they won't have to take turns. Grandpa isn't raising cows in his field this year, so he said they could ride out there this summer. They can't wait!!


  1. Oh fun! We are a four-wheeling family too!

  2. Not going to let my boys see this post lol. They would be so jealous. Looks like fun.

  3. Oh, lucky kids! That looks like fun. What a great family tradition. :)

  4. How fun! My kids would love that, they have absolutely no fear!