Monday, March 03, 2008


Apparently, if you whine on your blog enough, people feel really sorry for you and continue to bring you yummy treats. *wink*

When we got home from visiting at my parent's house last night, there was a whole plate full of these babies on our doorstep. YUMMY!!
Thank you so much Lori!! :o)
P.S. I promise not to whine this week.


  1. how yummy! i do find that complaining works ... you don't know how many days i get daycare parents to bring me starbucks! lol! hope you're having a good monday!

  2. Those look yummy!

    Hope your week is off to a great start.

  3. awww, you've gotta love a thoughtful, chocolate treat-bearing friend. :)

    Loved your gratitude list, and hope it will be a better week at your house.

  4. hey-I'd whine for chocolate cupcakes-think Lori would want to come to KY (LOL)

    Glad to see your spirits have been uplifted-you and your family (and their illness) have been in my prayers. (P.S. I'm a pharmacist, so I've seen A LOT of amoxicillin, albuterol, Tamiflu, etc. going out the door this month)

  5. Wendy,
    You are so welcome! You weren't whining-you're a mom, and heaven knows we all need a place to vent. Chocolate just seems to be the best way to feel better in my opinion! I am so glad you found them before neighborhood dogs did :)

  6. How sweet!! I don't think anyone local reads my I'm sure there is not chance for surprise cupcakes like that! You're lucky to have such great friends! :o)

  7. hwo sweet, i'd whine a bit more to have more made for me...i guess i am greedy like your mm project-so so so fabulous wendy!