Wednesday, March 05, 2008

mini album...

I mentioned this special Paper Crafts issue a few weeks ago.
Have you seen it yet? One of the projects I have in this issue is a mini album I made using the Noteworthy spiral journaling book. The pages in this little book are actually meant to be torn out and used as journaling blocks or elements on your pages, but I decided to keep it all together, and use the fun little papers as the actual pages in my album.
Anyway, you can see my project on page 76, but there's only the cover and one other I thought I'd share more of the pages here.
{Please ignore the quality of the with most projects, I finished it in the middle of the night and had to get the images sent to the editors at PC by early morning. Late night + bad lighting = not great photos.}

Since I recently got the album back, I'm going to finish a few more pages. I'll be sure to share them here when I finish them. (but if you're wise, you won't be holding your may be a while.)

I'm sure you have already figured out how much I love creating mini albums -- there's just something so satisfying about having a little book that tells a story. I love it! I'm working on another fun one right now - I was asked by a cute friend [who runs a fun website] to participate as a guest designer and I'm having so much fun with the assignment. I'll share more about that soon!
We're all healthy and happy in these parts - hope you are too!! :o)


  1. Wow, this looks great! I am still trying to get the photos out of boxes, sorted and into sleeves. One day, I too will scrapbook. But I can guarantee it won't look nearly as good

  2. You have so many of these fun little mini albums! This one is just priceless.

    Glad to hear you are all feeling better. :)

  3. this is so cute wendy! love the idea of using these fun little notebooks for an album! i used to do mini albums all the time ... but i seemed to have gotten away from them a little this past year.

    glad to hear everyone is back to being healthy!!!

  4. Love that album! That is DARLING!! I guess I had forgot that Zach and Alex were born the same year!

  5. Very cute idea! I have taht same little notebook of paper. I love using it!

  6. This is absolutely adorable. You have such a great sense of style! Still working on my version of your "Things I Love"! Can't wait to finish!

  7. I'm loving the noteworthy line more and more!!

  8. Thanks for sharing Wendy1 I saw a sneak peek in the magazine, and wanted to see more, so I am happy to see the rest of the album. I loved reading the journaling. What a great album!

  9. Love, love, love this project of yours---it's both sweet and beautiful!
    Can't wait to see what you've got going on next!

  10. btw wendy ... tagged you over on my blog. sorry?!?! lol!

  11. I love this book and your family! You are soooo talented!
    Love you,

  12. This is fantastic. Wonderful job! (as usual lol)