Saturday, March 01, 2008


It seems like the last few weeks have been full of “downer” topics…both in real life and here on my little old blog. The last couple of days I’ve been trying to focus on the GOOD things and how much I have to be grateful for. The list really is huge – I am so blessed.

This week, I am especially grateful for:

· modern medicine – this week I’m especially grateful for antibiotics, albuterol, and Tylenol.
· friends who are so thoughtful – one friend dropped off a cute card just because she knew I was stressed/tired with the boys being sick. Another super sweet friend actually brought us dinner! She didn’t call, she didn’t ask, she just saw on my blog that the boys were not well and she showed up on my doorstep with dinner. I LOVE that about her – so thoughtful!
· two big kids who were extra patient and helpful while I was hyper-focused on the little guys.
· a husband who was so understanding with me and my mood…and didn’t even seem to notice that I didn’t even make dinner most of the nights this week. (he's actually ALWAYS good this way - he is good to help out with the housework, with meals, with the kids - whatever I haven't done. I know, I'm lucky!)
· Brad being the kind of dad who our kids all love and adore – and the fact that Zach WANTS his daddy all the time – especially when he’s sick – and Brad just takes care of him without batting an eye. I know he's tired and stressed with work, but he just does it anyway.
· a mom who took my video camera and recorded Meagan’s school program because I couldn’t go
· again, a mom who watched all four kids last night so I could go with Brad to an event he had to attend for work
· fresh snow – and the fact that it’s covering up all of the "ugly" that started to show since the “old snow” has been melting a bit.
· the opportunity to work from home
· the internet (and blogs) and the opportunity to learn, grow, share, and connect…even when it’s 2:00 am and I feel like I’m the only person in town who is awake.
· coke. I’ve pretty much quit drinking coke – it was a horrible addiction…but I’ve been grateful for the much needed caffeine a few different times this week.
· school busses – I’m so glad I didn’t have to take the little guys out early in the morning to take the big kids to school
· a big bath tub and lots of hot water :o)
· LOST – I’ve been watching season 1 on – I don’t get to watch much tv, so when I discovered the ability to watch so many shows online I was excited! I turn them on late at night when I’m in my office working. I’ve also been watching October Road and a few other random shows.
· a washer and dryer. I know, almost everyone has these in their home, but I totally take them for granted for most of the time. I’ve done tons of extra laundry the last little while (which is really a lot, because we always have a ton! lol) I’m so grateful I don’t have to load up our clothes and take them to the laundromat.
· a new week – even a new month – ahead…hopefully much healthier times lie ahead for this little family of mine!


  1. this is a great post wendy! i've had one of those "blah" weekends ... where everything just seems bad. sometimes i think we forget to appreciate all the little things that really do make our lives better.

    and isn't it great to have a helpful and supportive husband? i know i complain about joe a lot. lol! but i'm also the first to admit that he does a ton around here with housework, kids, cooking, etc. and i know so many guys that don't do anything ... so yes, we have it good!

    hope this next week is a better and healthier one!

  2. Glad to see you are keeping your chin up. Here's to the hope that March comes in like a lamb. Hugs.

  3. Wendy! I wish that I would have gotten on your blog earlier this week and known how much stress you must have been under this week. I could have brought YOU a cranberry diet coke! I am glad that things are starting to brighten for you! Some months can just be the worst! Your post was a good reminder for me to count my blessings too.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Sorry to hear things have been miserable for you---so happy you have people close by to pamper and spoil you---you deserve it.
    Hope this week will be much better for you.

  5. I totally agree on being thankful for a washer and dryer. I don't even want to think about how much time and effort would be involved in hauling the laundry of a family of seven to and from a laundromat! This has been a miserable winter in so many ways--too much snow and too much sickness. It's good to remember the blessings.