Thursday, February 14, 2008

really random...

First thing's first -

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Next, I've received lots of e-mails asking exactly which album I used for my "Things I Love" challenge on the Making Memories blog for this month. I used the 9x9 Kraft album from the Boho Chic line. I love that it's easy to alter and has fun pages inside - pages with tabs and even a pocket page!

Also, I used regular adhesive to attach the paper to my cover, but you could definitely use something like Mod Podge to make the cover a bit more durable.

This week's challenge went up this morning - you can see it by clicking HERE. I created the divider pages for each section - People, Places, Things.
A few days ago, I received an order I placed at a new on-line store, Emma's Paperie. I was already excited for my little stash of goodies to arrive, but when I opened the box, I seriously felt giddy when I saw this:
Josh was in my office when I opened the box and he asked me if he could help open everything. I hesitated...I wasn't sure I even wanted to open each package because they just looked so cute. But I decided I really wanted to peek at the actual product as well, so I let him help me. As he was opening each package, he said, "Mom, this feels just like Christmas." I couldn't have said it better myself, lol. Of course, he was simply referring to the actual opening of the items, but that's okay! I know...silly...but it really made my day...and I'll be placing another order, if only to see the sweet presentation! :o)

I went to Park City on Tuesday to do a little bit of shopping...I found a few little things for Valentine's Day. I love Old Navy's t-shirts for the family...
...and it was a bonus that all of the kid's items were 40% off! I had to buy Josh a red t-shirt with a football on it - apparently, there's not a high demand for Valentine themed shirts for 8 year old boys...he'll probably like the football better than a bunch of hearts anyway. And I didn't see any Valentine shirts to fit Brad he's getting the PJ pants with little devils on them, lol.

After I finished my Old Navy shopping, I ran next door to The Children's Place where I scored these:
I know, you're wondering why in the world I needed so many pairs of gloves. Well, for one thing, I have an 8 year old who leaves the house every morning with a PAIR of gloves. And when the same 8 year old returns home 7 hours later, half the time he only has ONE of the gloves. Usually he finds the lost glove the next day on the bus or at school...but not always. So I figured it would ease a bit of stress on both of us if we had a bunch of spares at home.

Oh, and the other reason is this:

You can't beat 99 cents for a pair of winter gloves!

On the way home from Park City, I snapped a few pictures as we dropped down into the Valley. I wasn't looking through the camera, just holding it up and snapping away. I like this one...

And I thought this one was kind of fun - with Timpanogos in the background.

I did some more blind shooting on the way to Meagan's piano lessons and got quite a few shots I'm excited about.

We had to stop and wait for the train...then Meagan took this photo:

Yep, we were crossing the tracks and the train was right there! Don't worry though, it was backing up...not coming toward us!

How was that for random?

And now the treadmill is calling my name...


  1. love your new challenge on the MM album that went up today! and that package looks gorgeous ... i wouldn't want to open it either. lol!

    gotta love old navy holiday shirts! and i can't even remember the last time we've been in the snow ... but i probably would have picked up those gloves too for only 99 cents! lol! i'm one of those that can totally appreciate a bargain ... even when i have no use for it!

  2. GORGEOUS photos, Wendy! Seeing the back of Timp makes me want to HIKE, lol!

  3. Great Bargains! Love the MM challenge. Your project is beautiful. :)

  4. Fun post Wendy. Love that pic of the train. Awesome!

  5. You make me so homesick! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Hope you had a wonderful day!