Thursday, January 31, 2008

a few cards...

Just thought I'd share a couple of cards I've made recently.
These cards were more American Crafts/QVC projects.

I love the fun bright colors in this line - just perfect for cards for kids!

Monday, January 28, 2008

president hinckley...

Tonight we were at our usual Sunday evening visit at my mom and dad's house. My sister-in-law, my mom, Meagan, and I were upstairs in the kitchen visiting when my dad walked upstairs and told us President Hinckley had died. I have to be completely honest and admit that my first thought...and the first words I spoke were something to the effect of "Now he's with his wife again." And honestly, I didn't feel any sadness at all. Maybe it's simply because we've had a few deaths in our family the past few months...I don't know, but all I could think about was what a beautiful reunion was happening in Heaven at that very moment.

Then, a few hours later, we were home and the news was turned on as I was getting a snack for Seth and cleaning up what was left of the dinner mess. There were people gathering at Temple Square (mostly younger age) and they were singing hymns. Obviously, it was not a planned gathering...nobody knew this morning what would be happening at about 7 o'clock this evening. The reporters were speaking with some of the people...and there was singing in the background. But that's when it hit me...and my eyes welled up with tears, my throat got tight, and my chest felt constricted (I blame it on the has that affect on me). I knew it was an affirmation of my beliefs - all of them - but especially that President Hinckley truly was a prophet of God. I will miss President Hinckley. I am going to miss his cute little smile. I will miss hearing his words of counsel. I will miss seeing him walk along with his cane in his hand. Even Meagan commented that she will miss hearing his voice at conference - she says she really liked his voice.

So, here it is, much much later than when I first heard the news and I'm now feeling sadness... I guess my emotions are coming in topsy-turvey order...but as much as I am feeling sadness, I still can't deny the joy I feel, simply knowing the joy that he and his sweet wife are feeling, now that they are together once again. I am so very grateful to know that marriages and families can be eternal - I honestly don't know how anyone could get beyond the sadness of death if it weren't true.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

weatherbug says...

There is 1 active alert issued by the National Weather Service for 84032
This Winter Storm Warning Is For The Wasatch Mountain Valleys Of Northern Utah. Storm Total Accumulations Of 10 To 15 Inches Are Possible... With Locally Higher Amounts Expected In Areas Favoring West Or Southwest Winds. Additionally... A Period Of Strong Southwest Winds Late Sunday Through Early Monday Could Produce Considerable Blowing And Drifting Of Snow In Exposed Areas.
Looks like I'm staying INSIDE as much as possible for a few days!!!
Maybe I can get something accomplished...
maybe I can even do something creative!! :o)

Friday, January 25, 2008

a quick one...

I thought I'd share a few of the projects I've created for American Crafts over the last few months - most of these were for QVC...

The first layout looks a little weird because nothing was actually adhered to the page - it was for an adhesive segment...meaning they would put all of the pieces down with various adhesives to show how they worked. The pictures I took of the layouts aren't the best - they were just taken for me to be able to reference...not to actually share anywhere...but I figured since I really haven't been able to share a lot of what I've been working on, I'd still share these here. :o)
And speaking of American Crafts...have you seen the sneak peeks of their new release yet?!? Fun, fun, fun stuff! You can take a peek HERE and you can see some samples with their new product HERE!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Every Thursday this month, Making Memories is featuring organizational ideas from all of the designers. I was assigned to share some organizational tips for "paper." I have lots of different mini-organizational ideas for paper and if you're interested, you can read (and see) all about them here on the MM blog.

Also, if you have been reading my blog for very long, you probably know about my Scrap Boxes...
and you might remember that I had an opportunity last year to help create a commercial for them. I was asked to "prop" a ScrapBox (the items you see in the first box are straight out of my own Scrap Box -- you can see my camera and a photo of Josh and Brad in the bottom of the box -- and then I created a layout/sign thingy to hang on the knobs at the end of the commercial. Well, it played on TV a few times (that I saw), and I just found that it's on their website now. Well, kind of. The beginning part and the end part (with the music) is from the original commercial but the middle part is like an infomercial type thing and I wasn't able to make it to the shoot for that part. The music is really fun and the people who developed the commercial were fun people to be around. So anyway....if you want to see the commercial, you can click warned that although the music is will probably be in your head all day after you watch! :o)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

mistaken identity...

A few weeks ago I received a super nice e-mail from a gal I'd never met before. I had left a comment on her blog in response to a cute card she had shared and she e-mailed me from that post. The funny thing was, when she sent the e-mail, she totally thought I was someone else! It was quite evident to me who she actually thought I was...and I have to admit I've been mistaken for this person more than once. It's quite funny, actually, that I automatically recognized the mistake and knew exactly who she had mistaken me for.

Now, I have to say, that I am SOOOO glad she thought I was someone else...because otherwise I never would have "met" her! Now I've had the chance to e-mail back and forth with her for a few weeks and we've even chatted on the phone. She is a super nice person and I already feel like she is a great friend. I can't wait to meet her in person!
Not only is she super nice, but she is super talented!
She is an artist. She even has her own line of stamps.

Her name is Kim. Kim Hughes. If you don't already know who she is, you definitely need to check out her blog HERE. And check out her amazing line of stamps HERE. You've probably even seen her work in one of the many publications where her work has been published.

She was so super sweet to share some of her stamps with me - and I am loving them! I have already made several cards and tag projects - a few of which just might published in upcoming issues of my favorite magazines ;) !

This is a card I made using her "Pretty Birds" set.
I love how versatile this set is and I can't wait to make more projects with her stamps!

And now I have to add that I am so glad there was a case of mistaken identity - it's proven to be a great thing - I feel so lucky to have met Kim! Oh, and you'll definitely want to check out her blog today...she's sharing two brand new stamps sets that are being released this week - don't miss those! :o)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

class cards...

I got a package of cards back Friday - I made them last year for a class taught by Paper Crafts Magazine. Since I have them back, I think the class must be over, so I thought I would share a few of them here. The class was about interactive "pocket" cards.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

a resolution...

It's not a secret that the beginning of a new year pretty much inevitably coincides with the inexplicable desire to improve least I don't think it's a secret...and I don't think it's just me. Almost every year I have ideas of things I want to do to improve. Ideas - but, unfortunatley, I don't always translate those ideas into specific goals or "resolutions"...and therefore, I usually don't follow though on those I guess that's why I haven't improved myself in years (ha)!

This year, as always, I have some ideas of things I want to achieve throughout the year. Yes, I'd like to lose a few pounds (okay, more than a few). Yes, I want to be more consistent with my scripture reading and prayers. Yes, I want to be a more patient wife and mother. Yes, I want to organize my home - completely. Yes, I want to be a better friend. Yes, I'd also like to win a mother of the year award (not likely - just ask my 10 year old - she'll tell you). I think all of these things are important...well, not the award so much...and I'm going to work on improving myself in each of these may or may not be seeing me blog about them, but I'm committed nonetheless.

There's one thing though, that I have decided will help me in so many aspects of my life. I have committed to myself to do one small act of kindness each week throughout the coming year. It doesn't have to be anything out of the ordinary, not necessarily anything that anyone would even give much notice to....but for me, it's important to do this. I seem to get so caught up in my own little world (yeah, it's ironic that I even named my blog after sad) - that I don't take time to do things for others. I know it's important. I know how I've felt when someone has taken the time to send me a card, just because. I know what a difference it can make when someone stops by just to visit. I know how much a phone call at just the right time can mean. I want to be THAT person. The one who makes the call, drops off the cookies, sends the card. That person. And this year I am going to be.

Anyway, I was thinking today about a few things I could do. I decided I wanted to take a certain something over to a friend, but when I called she wasn't home (I'll have to do it another time). Then I sat down at my computer earlier tonight to read some e-mails and check a few blogs. That's how I found this post on Aby Garvey's blog. And there it was, the "something" I could do this week. It's not a big sacrifice for me to fill up a box full of my extra scrapbook supplies to share with a young girl whose biggest WISH in the whole world is to have her own art studio so she can stamp and scrapbook and make cards. Wow. I think she must be an amazing girl - I mean, after all...I honestly think scrapbooking and card making are pretty selfless acts. Normally when you create a card it's to give to someone else. And if you create a scrapbook page, it's to share with others - even if you aren't planning on physically giving the scrapbook to someone, you're sharing your thoughts, feelings, stories, ideas, hopes, dreams, and talents - right?

Obviously I have absolutely no idea who this girl is - and I don't really need to. I am so excited to be able to share with her, and even though my contribution will be so very small compared to others I am excited that I can help make her wish become a reality. If you have some extra supplies you'd like to share, just contact Aby (click on her name for a link) and she'll give you the information. You can also read her blog post here.

So...that's what I've been thinking about at this late hour (gotta love when the insomnia kicks in, lol) and I thought I'd share it here...just in case someone else might have a similar resolution...just in case someone else might be looking for a small way to help someone else this week. :o)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Oh, baby, it's COLD outside...again...but what else is new??

We had a crazy busy weekend - my nephew's baptism and confirmation (two different days - both snowy, but absolutely beautiful), we found the perfect house for us to move to (but we have to wait until summer to sell the house we're living in now), we had a minor incident that involved getting stuck on a snow-packed road (of course it was dark, no houses or people around, and Brad had to walk home - about 1/2 mile to get the truck - quite the experience, lol), I worked a ton (finished some fun assignments), and lots of other misc. stuff. whew.

Today, the Making Memories newsletter went out and I had a fun little project in it. Jenny asked me to recreate two projects from "A Season of Joy." The frame was originally created by Leah Fung and the cute little ornament idea came from Maggie Holmes. I was excited to use the new Valentine's Day line, "Love Story." Since the newsletter went out today, I thought I'd share the project on my blog as well - a little different photo angle. :) I used the tag-maker heart punch for the cute little ornaments. If you have any questions, let me know - I'd be happy to help! :o)

The boys and I have been chomping on my all-time favorite Valentine candy all morning. I know they are pure sugar and so bad for me and I really need to stop...but they're soooooo good!!

Okay, one last thing - a question. I heard that Un-Do was no longer being manufactured...but there's something out there that works in a similar way. Does anyone know what it is? If you can help me, I'd be so appreciative - my Un-D0 is almost gone and I don't know what I'm going to do without it!!!

Have a great day -- keep warm!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 calendar...

I haven't shared anything creative for a while...I've been creating, just nothing I can share yet.
If you read my Christmas recap post, you know I stayed up most of the night on Christmas Eve working on calendars. I make a calendar every year for my Grandma and my Parents, and I've started making a third one for us too.

I keep them pretty simple (and not too bulky). I make the base of the calendar in MSWord, print it out on white cardstock and have them bound at the copy store. I choose 12 photos of the kids and have them printed in wallet size. Next, I choose twelve of my favorite quotes - I love quotes!! Finally, I choose twelve patterned papers that I love. Once everything is printed and cut, it's easy to put them together!
I used scraps from the inside to make the cover.

All of the pages have the same basic layout.

Each month's topper is below.

And, of course, the back has a little holiday message.
Now I need to hang mine up in the kitchen so I can start enjoying it! :o)

birthday boy...

I am having a hard time grasping the fact that my baby is TWO!

It's crazy to think that he was our little New Years baby two whole years ago. (literally...even though he was born on the 3rd, he was the New Year's baby in our county!!)

I didn't wrap any of his birthday presents until he was taking his nap late yesterday afternoon because I knew he would tear into them as soon as he saw them. I also waited until his nap to bake his cake, because I had a feeling what might happen with that. Seth helped me with the cake - he always likes to help me when I'm baking. :)

Zach woke up from his nap and immediately honed in on the gifts and cake -- and didn't want to wait one single minute for either of them. I was able to keep the gifts wrapped and in tact until daddy got home. The cake, however, was a different story.
I've already had to take all of the chairs out into the garage because he likes to push them over to the counter and climb up - especially when I'm not anywhere near the kitchen. But I guess when he gets his mind set on something he'll figure out a way to get it...I can't believe how far this little guy can reach when he stands on his tippy toes.
I was proud of myself for not getting too mad...and he was even more proud of himself when I didn't get too mad, lol.
As soon as Brad got home, he opened his gifts and then we had a party at my parent's house where he got lots of fun presents - lots of things to keep him busy today!
Yes, he might be turning into a big boy...but he'll always be my matter how old or big he gets. :O)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

holiday recap...

I wasn't very diligent about posting on my blog through the holidays. We were busy playing, shopping, cleaning, keeping warm (at least some of us), and just being together. So, rather than having individual posts about all of our holiday week activities, I thought I'd do one super-huge post instead. :o)
We had an extra family celebration this year. Since Daxen was only going to be with Tony until early on the 24th, we had a family party on the night of the 23rd. It was fun watching all of the little cousins open the gifts from each other - and the adults too! In fact, I think we might start doing this exchange early every year...the kids had a great time playing with ONE gift, instead of being swallowed up with lots of fun gifts all at once.

Christmas Eve was definitely one to remember. The day was busy, but it was all about our little family. The kids opened their ONE gift - pajamas, of course - in the early evening. Then we made cookies for Santa (Mrs. Field's chocolate chip cookie recipe -- the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever). I can't remember which holiday movie was playing on the TV in the next room...but something got us talking about eggnog. I told the kids how I remember my Grandma Nye making us eggnog - and how yummy it was - except the egg part (oooh, slimy eggs ...yuck). So, we made up a batch of eggnog for the kids - okay, it was really just milk with sugar and vanilla...but they loved it!We all gathered in the front room, with only the tree lights turned on and read the Christmas Story (the one in Luke...not the funny movie) together. Then we read "The Night Before Christmas" and "The gift of the Magi." Even with a couple of wild little boys, it was a special evening, and the perfect prelude to the next day.

Josh left a note for Santa with his milk and cookies. Can you read it? "Dear Santa, Help yourself to the cookies. Get some milk out of the fridge. I want your autograph please. From Josh. Sign here:"

Seth left a great drawing for Santa too!

My favorite photo of Christmas Eve EVERY year is the one I take right after Santa leaves...I love how peaceful and tranquil everything seems - the lights are magical, and my own anticipation of the kids' reaction in the morning raises even higher.

And then Christmas morning arrived - finally!

The kids got everything they had asked for. Seth must have really been excited - check out his expression in that first picture. And I haven't seen my serious little Meagan squeal and jump up and down in a really, really long time - it was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas morning.

After the kids opened all of their SANTA gifts and gifts from us, we headed over to my mom and dad's house for breakfast and more gifts - such a fun tradition!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home...I even got a special Christmas gift in the form of a nap!! Brad felt sorry for me since I was up almost all night on Christmas Eve finishing our calendars and taking care of a few other things (*wink*) he took care of everyone so I could take a little nap. Then we went to visit my Grandma and Aunt - we had a really nice visit - I need to go over more often. And finally, we went to the Luke's house to see their fun gifts and visit a bit more.

Oh, and just in case you were curious...Santa wrote a quick note back to Josh, and even left his autograph!

What a great guy, that Santa Claus!

Brad took the big kids tubing at Soldier Hollow on New Year's Eve. I stayed home (and stayed warm) with the babies. The kids were exhausted (and so was I, lol), so we didn't do anything special to ring in the new year. Meagan did wake me up so I could watch the ball drop - she didn't want me to miss it - wasn't that sweet?

On New Year's Day, Brad and Josh got up early and went ice fishing & snowmobiling. It was 18 degrees below zero at our house. (remember my previous post about it being 8 degrees...and you thought that was cold - ha!!) Brad told me when they arrived at Strawberry it was 25 degrees BELOW zero. DANG!! Um, yeah, I was more than happy to stay at home and stay warm yesterday! Meagan and the little boys and I took down all of the Christmas decorations and cleaned up the house. We baked potatoes and rolls and a turkey breast so the house was warm and smelled yummy all day.

I'm excited for the new year and all that lies ahead. Here's to a great 2008!!!