Friday, January 04, 2008

birthday boy...

I am having a hard time grasping the fact that my baby is TWO!

It's crazy to think that he was our little New Years baby two whole years ago. (literally...even though he was born on the 3rd, he was the New Year's baby in our county!!)

I didn't wrap any of his birthday presents until he was taking his nap late yesterday afternoon because I knew he would tear into them as soon as he saw them. I also waited until his nap to bake his cake, because I had a feeling what might happen with that. Seth helped me with the cake - he always likes to help me when I'm baking. :)

Zach woke up from his nap and immediately honed in on the gifts and cake -- and didn't want to wait one single minute for either of them. I was able to keep the gifts wrapped and in tact until daddy got home. The cake, however, was a different story.
I've already had to take all of the chairs out into the garage because he likes to push them over to the counter and climb up - especially when I'm not anywhere near the kitchen. But I guess when he gets his mind set on something he'll figure out a way to get it...I can't believe how far this little guy can reach when he stands on his tippy toes.
I was proud of myself for not getting too mad...and he was even more proud of himself when I didn't get too mad, lol.
As soon as Brad got home, he opened his gifts and then we had a party at my parent's house where he got lots of fun presents - lots of things to keep him busy today!
Yes, he might be turning into a big boy...but he'll always be my matter how old or big he gets. :O)


  1. Happy Birthday to Zach! We're gearing up for our baby's birthday on the 6th, when he turns two. I would have loved to have had the New Year's baby, but you know how it is at many babies born there that there is no chance of a baby being born on the th being the New Year's baby! Time flies, huh?

  2. happy birthday zach! that's too funny about him being go quick to dive into his birthday goodies! and i still call alyssa (my 11 yr old) "my baby" ... even though sarah is actually the "baby" of the house. lol!

  3. Awww...Happy Birthday little guy!! LOL about the cake! ;o)