Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Oh, baby, it's COLD outside...again...but what else is new??

We had a crazy busy weekend - my nephew's baptism and confirmation (two different days - both snowy, but absolutely beautiful), we found the perfect house for us to move to (but we have to wait until summer to sell the house we're living in now), we had a minor incident that involved getting stuck on a snow-packed road (of course it was dark, no houses or people around, and Brad had to walk home - about 1/2 mile to get the truck - quite the experience, lol), I worked a ton (finished some fun assignments), and lots of other misc. stuff. whew.

Today, the Making Memories newsletter went out and I had a fun little project in it. Jenny asked me to recreate two projects from "A Season of Joy." The frame was originally created by Leah Fung and the cute little ornament idea came from Maggie Holmes. I was excited to use the new Valentine's Day line, "Love Story." Since the newsletter went out today, I thought I'd share the project on my blog as well - a little different photo angle. :) I used the tag-maker heart punch for the cute little ornaments. If you have any questions, let me know - I'd be happy to help! :o)

The boys and I have been chomping on my all-time favorite Valentine candy all morning. I know they are pure sugar and so bad for me and I really need to stop...but they're soooooo good!!

Okay, one last thing - a question. I heard that Un-Do was no longer being manufactured...but there's something out there that works in a similar way. Does anyone know what it is? If you can help me, I'd be so appreciative - my Un-D0 is almost gone and I don't know what I'm going to do without it!!!

Have a great day -- keep warm!!


  1. fun projects ... love how you switched it up with the valentines papers! can't help you with the undo thing ... can you believe i've never tried the stuff? lol! although i'm totally addicted to my duck brand adhesive and was down to my very last roll. i usually get it at walmart super cheap ... but most of them around her stopped carrying it. i stopped in one this weekend and they actually had it ... 20 rolls and $50 later i'm stocked up. lol!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I loved your calendar! I just ordered a Duck Brand Adhesive remover. I've never used it, so I will see if it words as well or not.

  3. You guys are gonna move again?! Is the house you're in now the one that caught on fire right before you moved in?!

  4. Love your projects. I think those little heart candies are yumo too. Clayne has always said they remind him of eating chalk - now why would he eat chalk lol? Sad to hear that Un-do is no more. I've been meaning to buy some more. The last time I went to use mine it had all evaporated - seriously!!

  5. Lighter fluid!! I believe that's all UnDo is.
    And lighter fluid is a fraction of the cost!