Monday, December 03, 2007

two days down already...

Honestly, when you think there are only 25 December days until Christmas, being on the third day already is kind of sad for me. Not only does December 3rd mean there are only 22 days until Christmas, it also means our little Seth is four years old!! I can hardly belive it - it seems like just yesterday that our family was blessed with this little miracle we named Seth.
We had a family party last night for him and we'll do a bit of celebrating later this evening too. Until then, we have lots of errands and chores, and playing with birthday gifts to do!!

So far, I've kept on top of my project and I have finished up my first two December journal pages:


  1. happy birthday seth!!! that's such a cute photo of him!

    love the first 2 journal pages! i'm doing one this month too ... and i feel good knowing that i did the first 2 on time. lol! we'll see if that continues!

  2. What an awesome keepsake this will be. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday to Seth!

  3. Are you doing the Shimelle class? I just started my Christmas journal also! Your first two pages are so cute, I love them!

  4. looks so cute, Wendy... I'm going to enjoy seeing you post these!!

  5. Ohhh...Happy Birthday, little Seth!!! What a cutie!! Love your pages always! :o)