Tuesday, November 13, 2007


As I was blog-hopping last week I saw a "seven random facts" post on several blogs, including my friend Tiffany's...so I decided to do one myself...so here they are, seven random facts about me:
1. I HAVE to sleep with socks on. It doesn't matter the season or the temperature, I can't sleep barefoot.
2. I also sleep in PAJAMAS - I hate nightgowns, I feel like I'm wrapped up "mummy style" and I can't move at all...perhaps I'm a bit claustrophobic.
3. I struggle with raw meat - I have to hold my breath when I take it out of the package and touching it gives me the heebie-jeebies. Of course I do it, but I really really really do not like it.
4. I LOVE Christmas music, and I would listen to it all year round if my family would let me. Sometimes when I'm up late at night, all alone, working, I'll put in a Holiday CD. It makes me happy!
5. When I was a senior in high school I shattered some bones in my foot...during Drill Team practice. Nice, huh? A few days after my surgery, one of my friends told me that he totally thought I was faking it when I got hurt...I don't know why I remember this part of the whole trauma, I guess it scarred me for life, lol.
6. I used to be really organized (don't laugh, it's true)...when I was in college, my roommates thought it was funny to rearrange a shirt or two in my closet - I always noticed immediately and changed it back. I wonder what happened to that organized part of me...I long for it, but it just doesn't manifest itself very often.
7. My BIGGEST pet peeve is misspelled words. Not on blogs or quick notes, or anything like that...but when things are written and meant to be seen by lots of people - books, newspapers, store signs, etc...I've even called stores before to tell them they've misspelled words on their marquees before. ;)
If you haven't done this on your blog yet, try it - it's kind of fun! :o)


  1. Fun stuff Wendy. I disagree about your organizing. When I was at your house you look like you are still organized! And for me... I have to sleep with socks OFF!

  2. I share a lot of your same traits! :)

  3. ok Wendy, we are a lot alike. I have almost called Day's several times about misspelled words on their sign, I also have the raw meat issue and the sock issue! How funny!

  4. I totally hear you with the misspelling thing... I once corrected an error in the thesaurus!