Thursday, October 25, 2007

halloween flashback...

Some of you may have already seen this picture last week on the MM Blog...but, gosh, it's just so cute, I thought it was worth sharing again! lol

Yep, that's us, circa 1979. Tinkerbell, witchy-poo, and a cute little puppy dog (who didn't look too happy about the whole halloween thing...but then again, Kristy and I just might be pulling the same face behind those lovely plastic masks!)

Really, though, I LOVED my Tinkerbell costume. LOVED it. As a matter of fact, I know I wore the same costume for two years...maybe more. Please note the lovely black snowsuit I'm sporting underneath the beautiful polyester lime green dress (I know, you were thinking I was quite the little chubster, but it's really lots of padding in my favorite winter gear) -- gotta love Halloween in Utah!!

And now, almost 30 years later (yikes again) - the kids are finalizing their costume choices for Halloween, 2007. I'm debating whether or not to dress up...I wish I still had my old Tinkerbell costume...


  1. Oh, that brings back memories. I LOVED those stupid plastic masks and my mother would not get me one. Halloween is my least favorite holiday, mostly because it's so cold in UT and trick or treating was just miserable and also because I never had a 'cute' costume, just something thrown together. Ick!

  2. LOLOLOL!!! Zoe is tinkerbell this year! She'd probably get a kick out of the "old school" tinkerbell costume! And the snowsuit...ahh, the joys of growing up in a place where it probably snows more often on Halloween than Christmas! ;o) I remember that all too well, myself!