Wednesday, August 15, 2007


...isn't she?

And speaking of would have been my Grandma Nye's birthday (well, technically, I guess it still IS her birthday). She passed away when I was pregnant with Meagan. She would be 92 this year (I think). I have so many good memories of many things that remind me of many things I don't want to ever forget...

  • homemade chili and scones - and the way her house smelled when we walked through the front door to join her and Grandpa for dinner

  • singing and humming and dancing

  • making up funny little poems and songs

  • one night when she stayed at our house when mom & dad went out of town she stood by my bunk bed and tickled my face...then told me a story about a little girl running through the tall green grass on a beautiful hillside (I wish I could remember if she was making up a story or telling me about when she was a little girl)

  • puffed rice balls on Halloween

  • cake with coins inside (wrapped in wax paper)

  • buttons

  • handwritten notes in birthday cards (which also included a few dollars)
  • soda crackers with honey

  • laundry in her back seat...because she did her laundry at the laundromat - her car smelled clean clothes!

  • talking on the telephone

  • being in the mountains...

  • clotheslines

  • playing "hide the cup"

  • the way she always made each grandchild feel like they were important...and probably her favorite :o)

  • Her smile (she always had one on)

  • Her faith and testimony


  1. First of all...both Megan and that layout are beautiful! And second, those are some really neat memories of your grandma!! Sounds like you had a great childhood with her!

  2. Yes, she is beautiful. I enjoyed reading your memories--it helps me remember things, too.
    Love you, Mom