Thursday, June 28, 2007

this week...

...has been a really productive week so far! The kids and I have tackled some big projects around the house (washing the walls, organizing the basement, cleaning out the garage, etc.). It feels SO good to have so many things done - and we still have a list of projects to complete over the next weeks (one project at a time). I love when the kids are cooperative and I am actually in as good of a mood when we're done as when we started - and that's how this week has been. Hopefully the next few weeks will prove to be as productive (and happy) as this one.
Also, this week is the last week of baseball for Meagan & Josh. Josh's last game was last night and Meagan's is tonight. Both kids have really enjoyed the season and can't wait until next summer to play again. They both had great coaches and they've learned a lot and their skills have really improved! Meagan even hit a homerun last week!!

One more thing - I received a package today with a copy of the July 2007 Creating Keepsakes (the 100th issue!!), and my two layouts that were in this issue. This layout was a challenge layout -- using only four products that were sent to me. And this layout was featured in a "style" column. Of course, I was pleased when I was asked to create a layout, then told that my page was being included to represent "CUTE!" I love CUTE - and take it as a great compliment!!

The kids and I spent yesterday in the backyard, playing on the slip & slide and splashing in the water...and they're ready for more now, so here we go - back out into the 95 degree heat -- gotta love summer!!

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