Monday, April 02, 2007

something amazing happened...

Yesterday, I turned my camera over to an anxious and excited 9 year old girl...and something amazing happened....I actually ended up in a photo or two. I know, I could go on and on about how I look fat, how my hair is messy, how I have a big zit...on and on and on. But I won't - because I'm just so happy that now I have PROOF that I am here - I play with my kiddos - I interact with them - I talk with my husband - I am here, living life...not just taking photos of everyone else living life!!! :o)

And I think she did a pretty darn good job too -- she snapped about 100 photos over the course of the afternoon - of course, they're mostly of Zach, because he's the most cooperative of the boys, but I was impressed with her ability to capture his photo, even if he is constantly on the go. I think I am going to let her use my older camera whenever she wants - it's interesting to see a different perspective other than my own - and she seems excited and interested in learning how to take photos.

Today was a typical Monday with a list of things to do that was nearly a mile long (I LOVE making lists -- mostly because I love to see a list with lots of check-marks at the end of the's just so satisfying). The day's about over and there are only a couple of things I didn't get finished, and those things got moved along to tomorrow's list already, so they'll be done soon. And besides the items on my list, I also did a few other things:

  • booked the condo in St. George for Spring break (we just happened to check right after someone cancelled their reservation - yahoo!)

  • listed a few of my old stamp sets on E-bay (my very first e-baying venture)

  • enjoyed listening to the lawnmower as Brad mowed the back lawn

  • enjoyed smelling the fresh cut grass even more than hearing the mower, lol

  • and blogged!!

So, here's to handing over the camera, getting ready for a vacation, enjoying the moment, and checking items off the list! :o)


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I love those action shots!!!!! :)

  2. I know what you mean, I have to ask my husband to take pictures of me and the kids so I might actually show up in some albums one day! You look great.

    I love lists too for the same reason. What did you list your stamps under ebay? I'd like to check them out.

    Kristan Martin
    LIbby, MT

  3. You look great in your pictures. Aren't we so critical of ourselves. I have yet to see a picture of myself that I like, but I've decided that what I like doesn't really matter, what matters is that I record my life and that included my overweight, bad hair, acne days too. Unfortunately, no one in my house likes to take pictures......

  4. I know what you mean.. i hate the way I look in pics ... but good for you for publishing yours! And I think you look great! :-)

  5. Megan did a great job!! And you look great in the photos...and honey, if that is fat, than I must be ENORMOUS!!! LOL! ;o)

  6. Congratulations on a productive day. I am a list maker too. Must write down everything so I can get it off my mind.

    Love the photos that your little one took. She did a great job.

    Jamie ~ Alabama

  7. Those are pretty darn good pictures! Yay for you!

  8. yay, i hate being *in* the photos...i take bad photos!!! Lucky you look too cute, so join in more...then maybe i will be inspired to do the same!!

  9. Love the pictures! She did an awesome job. I especially love the adorable one with your little guy! I too have to remember to hand off my camera sometimes. Chas actually touched my new camera for the first time this weekend. LOL!