Saturday, March 31, 2007

projects and report cards...

I'm up late working and thought I'd take five...and post on my blog. I'm working on a few assignments that aren't even due tomorrow. I know, it sounds silly, but usually I'm working fast and furious against the clock - these projects aren't even due for at least 3 more days, lol! I'm not sure that it's a good thing that I'm "working ahead" though, it gives me time to second-guess myself and do more than I probably need to do. For example, one assignment is to create a card. I finished one and wasn't thrilled with it. About half way through creating the second one, I decided I hated it and it now resides in the trash can. On to card number 3 - it's okay...not my favorite, but I like it enough. However, before I finished card number 3, I got another idea for a fourth card, so I made it too. Pathetic, huh? I'm sure only one card will be used, so it will be fun to see which one gets picked.

We had SEP conferences this week at school. Meagan and Josh are both such great students...I am lucky that school is not an issue for either one of them. They both got straight "E's" on their report cards. (When did elementary schools get away from the ABCDF system....and go to the EG(whatever else there is) system?) An "E" is the equivalent to an "A" for us old folks. Their teachers had nothing but good to say about each of them. Their behavior and citizenship is as good as their academic grades. Needless to say I'm very proud of them both! It was also interesting to see how they reacted to the praise from their teachers - pretty laid-back and elusive about all of it. Josh is that way, always - gets it from his dad. Meagan, on the other hand, asked me what she got for getting such good grades -- do you think she gets this from me?!? ( quiet...). We decided to purchase some of the new American Girl Mystery books as her reward. She loves reading, and books are one thing I've never denied the kids - I love that they love books - so it worked out well. We'll see how Josh would like to be rewarded...not that he's asked, but I want to be fair. (I get this from my jelly-bean-counting mother - but that's a post for another day! *wink*)

Several weeks ago, I created a layout for Making Memories using the new craft line. It was a project for an online scrapbooking event...and since it's over I thought it would probably be okay to share on my blog. The photos are of my parents - love them - and all the product is MM. Okay, I guess I better get back to work and try to be a little less pokey about my next assignment. :o)

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