Friday, April 13, 2007

i'm finally back...

wow, I haven't been here for a while -- life has been busy and crazy and fun and did I mention busy? We came home last night from our little spring-break was great to be away for a while, but now there's so much to do. Let's see, I think I'll just do a quick little run-down of what's been happening and come back with more details when I'm not quite so crazy:

  • Saturday was a fun, but busy, day -- we had a ward Easter Egg hunt in the morning and a fun family egg hunt and dinner that evening

  • The kids had a fun time decorating their easter buckets Saturday afternoon

  • St. George was great. We left after church on Easter and drove down in the rain...

  • We were able to spend a little bit of time with Brad's Grandma Jolley who is knocking on the door of 102. 102 years old - can you imagine?!?

  • Monday was nice - the sun was shining and we were able to really enjoy the pool at the condo

  • We also went to the sand dunes, hiked on some fun trails, spent some time at the batting cages, ate out a lot, and looked at some houses we liked (we'd love to move down there...)

  • We ate dinner with Brad's mom on Wednesday night...mmm, her homemade bread is the BEST and it alone is worth the 4 hour drive!

  • We drove home yesterday and hit several SNOW showers - yuck!!!

  • This morning I had a dentist appointment and now my jaw is killing me.

  • We decided we didn't do enough driving this week, so we drove back to Utah county to run some errands

  • I delivered some fun projects to the Primedia offices today -- there are some super FUN idea books in the works -- can't wait to see themj!

  • I got some other fun publication news - can't wait until I can share...

  • I saw the SCRAPBOX commercial this week! Did you see it??? If you want one, you can still get the discount by mentioning my name -- seriously, they are the BEST.

  • Did I mention I recently acquired a 2nd Scrap Box? It holds all of my Making Memories and O'Scrap supplies -- I LOVE being organized!!

  • Speaking of O'Scrap...big news on that front...can't wait to share some projects and news from them - keep checking their website, I believe they're updating soon.

  • I've been taking a photography class at BPS - I'm learning so it!

  • My challenge went up yesterday on the Making Memories Blog - I loved creating this page - no, it's probably not my best work and it's not earth-shattering, but it's great to get a few things documented that are important to me.

  • We also picked up my wedding ring today -- it looks SOOOOOO much better. I love being able to wear it again and not want to cry when I looked at it -- plus it's all sparkly and shiny again! :o)

hmmm...okay, as I mentioned, I've got tons of work sitting here in front of me, so I'd better get busy...but I wanted to do a quick update and share a couple of photos - I'll be back soon with more! :o)

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