Saturday, April 21, 2007

happy spring...

That's what our cute neighbor said this morning when she came to our door with a plate full of cupcakes. Even though it's only 50 degrees outside, it isn't snowing, so we're going to take a leap and go ahead and welcome in spring. :o)

Aren't these the cutest little butterfly and bumblebee cupcakes?!? The kids were excited to sit down and eat their mid-morning snack! Meagan thinks Shantelle is a cupcake artist (she also brought us Frankenstein cupcakes for Halloween)...Seth thinks Shantelle is a really nice mom because she makes yummy treats...I think Shantelle is a really sweet neighbor.


  1. Oh, those look yummy!! What a cute idea and a good way to use up some extra Easter candy! ;o)

  2. those are adorable! what a sweet neighbor!!