Monday, March 05, 2007

it's getting warmer...

...finally! On Saturday I went grocery shopping. At noon it was 17 degrees. brrrrrrr. On Sunday, we got out of church at 2:00 - it was 40 degrees! We came home and had lunch, then the kids couldn't wait to go outside for some fresh air. It's not very often you can play in the snow without a coat, but they put on their gloves and had a hay-day. Meagan (with a little help from dad, seth, and josh) built a showman. A few years ago, my friend gave me this fun little bag with all of the makings for a snowman (minus the snow, of course) - a scarf, eyes, carrot nose, pipe, and buttons. After adding the face and buttons, she filled the bag up with snow and plopped it on the snowman's head...afterwhich she affectionately dubbed her creation "Marge {the snowman} Simpson," which I thought was quite clever, lol. Zach didn't really care much for the snow - or the grass that is starting to peek through - but he was so happy to be outside.
I can't wait for all of the snow to melt and Spring to REALLY be here!


  1. Cute snow pictures. It just shows you how different we all can be. Here in Alabama having 40 degree weather would be "freezing" and we would have on our winter gear even if we were just going to the mailbox.

    Hope you all see "spring" soon...

  2. what fun for the kids, i wish we go that kinda so snow! great photos!!