Tuesday, January 16, 2007


FIFTEEN freezing degrees BELOW ZERO!!!! That's what the temperature reading was on my van yesterday morning when we loaded the kids back into the van after our 3 minute visit to the doctor's office. Why was it only three minutes, I'm sure you are wondering. Well, essentially, because I'm an unorganized dork. Our appointment was for TODAY (not YESTERDAY) at 8:30 am. Oh well, at least I had the time right...and at least I was a day early instead of a day late. sheesh! Oh, were you wondering what 15 degrees below zero might look like? Well, if you're standing in my kitchen, looking out the back door, it would probably look something like this:So, since we were all loaded in the van anyway, we decided to run to Provo to complete a few errands. My main goal was to find one of these babies:Mission accomplished. AND I got it from Robert's with a 50% off coupon! sweet, huh?!? I've already used it on a project and I LOVE it!!! Yep, you probably need one too.

We made a quick trip to WalMart to buy another space heater for the basement, and then we decided to run into RC Willey while we were in Provo and ended up buying a DVD player for the van -- and they were able to install it immediately! We had to kill a couple of hours so we walked over to Chili's and had lunch and then walked to Toys R Us where we spent the remainder of our wait. We would have gone to some other stores...but did I mention the temps???

So, today I took these two little monkeys back to the doctor. And, no, it wasn't 15 below today...it was a balmy 4 degrees below. Brad was off work, so he was able to go with me (which made things a ton easier because our 3 year old has MAJOR doctor issues...but he did surprisingly well today). So, here are the numbers: Zach went for his 12 month well-baby check and weighed in at 21 pounds (25%) and was 31" tall (90%)...the nurse thinks we're raising a basketball team, hah! He had to have two shots, and he did okay...only a bit of crying. The banana sucker helped ease the pain immensely. Seth was there for his 3 year-old well child check. He weighed in at 32 pounds (55%) and was 38" tall (60%) -- he's our only child who hasn't been up in the 90%'s for his height, but he still seems fairly tall compared to a lot of the other 3 year olds we know. Anyway, he had to have one shot and he cried a bit, but again, the sucker AND his Bob the Builder sticker eased his pain -- he was not, however, amused with the bugs bunny sticker the nurse put on his leg. It's a good thing to have done - and I'm grateful Brad was able to go with me.

Oh yes, one more random thing to share. These: kits came in the mail a few days ago. What's so special about these kits? Here, have a closer look:

I worked on these kits over the summer and LOVED doing them!! They are all from Creating Keepsakes.

I've been up to my forehead in work the last few days...which is better than being completely buried in it, I suppose. I've been working on some really fun projects and challenges for the Making Memories blog, some new book assignments, some CK assignments that I am SO excited about AND some work for the next trade show for O'Scrap -- yep, they're BACK -- and I'm so excited!! :o)
Wow, this post was just chuck full of catch-up randomness (but I warned you before you started reading, right?)...and now I'm off to grab some lunch and work on some more fun stuff! Have a great day!

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  1. BBRRR!! I thought it was bad here in Provo. Sorry you had to make an extra trip to the Dr. My baby, Soren had his 12 mo check up last week and he's 22 lb and 31 in. Pretty close there.
    What fun projects. How do you keep up with it all?