Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'll remember 2006...

This is a layout I created for the Making Memories website (for the January idea). The Winter Holiday line is my favorite - ever - and I'm bummed that it will be a seasonal if you love it too, STOCK UP!!! I also used the new grommets for the first time on this layout, and I love them - they're such a fun little addition to my simple page. :o) I love the idea of one photo from each month of the entire year on one layout - I think I'll do it every year! I also think I'll add a second page with journaling only...with highlights from each month of the year. Then, if I never do another page for 2006 (yeah, like that'll happen), at least we'll have this year-in-review spread.


  1. I love this page. It's fun to remember the little things we all too soon forget. Thanks for the memories!
    Love, Mom

  2. What a great idea...I love the 12-photos-on-a-page thing!