Thursday, October 12, 2006

a few fun pictures...

...thought I'd share just a few of the pictures I took after we had our family pictures taken for Grandma's birthday...
As you can see, Seth was his usual "I'll be as uncooperative as possible if there's a camera pointed in my general direction" self. Oh well, at least we'll always remember this quirky little phase -- at least I hope it's just a phase! (Oh, and obviously, I didn't take the photo that I'm in...Rustin took that one -- thank you!)

Brad wasn't feeling well, so after the photographer finished our family shots, he went and laid down on the grass...of course, the kids took that as their que to run right over and climb on top of him. You can tell he's a good dad, 'cause he let them climb, and he just smiled (and let me take some pictures)...even though he felt like crud.

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  1. SWEET family!! Look how beautiful you all are.....beautiful people! ;o)