Friday, September 29, 2006

seth's robot...

Just a funny thing I thought I'd share (and include here so I don't forget):

I was busy getting Zach dressed this morning when Seth came in demanding his robot. Here's how our conversation went:

Seth: Mom, I want my robot.
Me: You don't have a robot.
Seth: Yes, Mom, I just want my robot.
Me: You don't have a robot, Seth.
Seth: (getting obviously frustrated) Mom, just get it. Get my robot. I want it!
Me: What are you talking about? Where is it? Can you show me?
Seth: It's in my closet.
Me: (knowing full well that there are no toys in his closet...and also knowing full well that he does not have a ROBOT!) Okay, then, let's go in your room and you can show me.
Seth: Okay, mom, come on.

We walk in to his room and open the closet....
Seth: See, Mom, it's RIGHT there. Get it for me.
Me: OH, that "robot"!! Okay, let's get it and then I'll get my camera and take some pictures of you with it. (smiling at the whole conversation now)

Here's what he wanted:

Apparently, "robot" sounds very similar to "robe on."


  1. How sweet. Don't you love how they interpret words?

  2. that is way cute! We love peeking at your blog!

  3. Those pictures are precious!
    Nothing better than a snuggly "robot" a cool fall morning.

  4. oh how funny!!! Cute robe and cute boy!