Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the truck...

The kids all had so much fun this summer staying with Grandpa and Grandma while we were waiting to move in to our new house. One of the fun things was getting to see Daxen a lot while he was here with Tony...and another fun thing for Seth was getting to play with Daxen's toys...especially his TRUCK!

It was actually quite comical to watch, on most days. Seth and Daxen are the same age...2. Typical 2-year-olds who sometimes only want to play with something if someone else already has it (and BECAUSE somebody else has it)! Sometimes they played together with the truck, but usually we had to referee, talk about sharing, teach (again) about taking turns, and then stand closely by so they didn't knock each other over trying to get INTO the truck! Here are a couple of the photos of them together...

{okay, so blogger isn't going to cooperate...I'll try to add these pics later...}
Sadly, when we left, the truck had to stay...but we can go back and visit it often. ;)

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