Sunday, October 01, 2006

80 years old...

...that's how old my grandma turned on her birthday last Friday! My aunt orchestrated a surprise dinner party for Friday evening and it was SO successful - grandma had no idea and was completely was great! :) As soon as she walked in to the restaurant we all started singing "Happy Birthday" and you could see how surprised she was...there were even tears and I think she was crying because she was happy (at least I hope that's why!). I wish I would have been closer and the light would have been better - but I think I'm the only person who had a camera, so I'm glad I got these pictures of her. :)

Here's one of her with her birthday cake.

And I was trying to get a decent 'close-up' of her, despite the light and crowd and general craziness...and when she looked at it she just said "You cut off the top of my hair!" Then she told me how happy she was with her hair-do (a gift from mom and dad). Seriously, I haven't seen her so happy for a long, long, long time -- she's had lots of health problems and other things to deal with over the past several years, so it was awesome to see her so happy. Happy Birthday Grandma V!! :o)

{We all met on Saturday for a big family picture (all of my cousins and their families were there), I can't wait to see those. I took some fun pics of the kids afterwards - I'll share those later}


  1. What a super cute Grammy... with her new hair-do and all! You sound like you have a really neat family! What fun!

  2. These pictures are great. You really caught her feelings for the evening. Thanks for helping me keep a journal!