Friday, August 04, 2006


It's crazy to think how long this process has taken. Dang fire!!! But we finally got the keys to our new house today. Now, if we could only be excited about it. We have a lot of work to do...paint, carpet, kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc. There are several things that really should have been taken care of by the previous owner - because I am pretty sure the insurance company would have given him money for things that he did not, like NEW door knobs in the garage - where the fire started! Instead, he opted to attempt to clean some things and do some things himself (ahem.paint.ahem.crappy.job.ahem). It is now painfully obvious what a dishonest person he was...but at this point we're just happy to have the keys. It's ours...we'll paint. We'll buy new carpet. We'll take out his ugly cabinets. We'll make it ours. :o) LOTS of work ahead of us, but when it's done, it will be nice. We'll probably only be here for a few years...but there's plenty of space for our family of six until we move again. Some other fun things happened this week...

*Seth's post op check up was Monday, and everything looked great
*Started (and almost finished) school clothes shopping for Meagan and Josh
*I won a copy of "The Shaggy Dog" from my fave morning TV show (Good Things Utah)
*I finished up a big project and started on another one (work-related stuff)
*We bought patio furniture for the new house
*I got my copy of "Creating Keepsakes - The Ultimate Guide to Photo Keepsakes" and now I have tons of fun ideas floating around in my head that I want to try
*I also received the magnet board I created for the above mentioned book...unfortunately it didn't travel so well and the sides are broken - hoping Brad can fix it for me so we can hang it in my new kitchen
*This little sweetie turned 7 months old
*And we're looking forward to a little family reunion tomorrow! And hopefully a little shopping afterwards (think furniture and appliances)!

Oh...and one more thing...have you ever listened to two 2 1/2 year olds having a serious conversation with each other? I love listening to these two...I just can't help but smile!
Have a great weekend!!
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