Friday, April 21, 2006


I am such a blog slacker. I haven't updated yet, and I'm still not quite ready to do so. I'm sitting here waiting for the carpet cleaners to get here (you know, the ones who were supposed to be here an hour ago...grrr...if I didn't need the carpets cleaned NOW, I would just cancel...oh well...) Anyway, while I was sitting here waiting for the big YELLOW Stanley Steamer truck to come down my road, I saw my beloved BROWN truck instead. The UPS delivery man brought me a fun box containing returned projects from a book I was able to contribute to: "Birthday Creations" by Paper Crafts Magazine. I can't wait to sit down and check out all of the fun projects and creations and ideas in this book - it looks so fun and happy and cheerful at first glance! Besides the fun opportunity to contribute to these publications, there are extra perks - one of which is extra copies of the book. SO....I'd love to share one of my copies with one of you! Just leave a comment here and I'll have one of my kids draw a name tomorrow. :) Until then...


  1. Oh Wendy Sue...I'd love to see a copy! I'm SO behind the times on all things scrapbook! I don't remember that last time I even looked at an idea book! LOL! How fun that you get to contribute to things like that! You're so good! ;o)

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I really enjoy your blog and your work. I look forward to seeing this new book!

  3. Oh, I'd love to see a copy of this magazine. Looks like a lot of fun stuff inside. I hope I didn't miss the cut off.

  4. When don't you contribute?!?!? :)

    I think I'd be more shocked if I didn't see you in there! :)

    I 'knew' you before I 'knew' you in blogworld! LOL!! :)

  5. Hi Wendy....

    I laughed the other day when you said you looked at your tracker and some people were checking in daily...because I'm one of them!

    Is the book out in stores yet? I'm always needing new birthday ideas.

    How are all the little ones? Next time you come down south call me and maybe we could have lunch or something.
    Jenn :o)

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