Thursday, March 30, 2006

A thought to share...

I'm busy with a few assignments today, but when I read this quote, I just had to share. (It came in a "daily thought" e-mail I get every it!)

"Our busy lives force us to focus on things we do from day to day. But the development of character comes only as we focus on who we really are. To establish and accomplish those greater goals, we do need heavenly help." --Elder Russell M. Nelson

Have a great day! :) Thanks for popping in!


  1. What an awesome quote! Sometimes I get some busy that I forget what really is important and to focus on self-improvement, etc. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. That is a great quote---I have been feeling lately like TRUE change is really hard to do, and this was something I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing!

  3. HI, I just stumbled across your blog (link from MM blog) and I just wanted to say how much i loved this quote...i put it on my blog also! thanks!