Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A layout to share...

So, I finally did a layout, Just Because -- no assignment, no page call, no nothing...I just wanted to! :) It made me happy!! It's super simple, but I had fun - it was nice to have absolutely NO guidelines and no pressure! :) The scan is a little crooked - but you get the idea!Zachary was the New Year's Baby at our hospital this year (Yes, I live in a town that's so small that the New Year's baby wasn't born until January 3rd!). He got lots of fun things (and so did I) - one of my favorites was this soft little stuffed ducky. I thought it would be the perfect thing to do a month-by-month photo with...so I am doing it! I used the newborn photo for his thank-you cards and this is his one month photo. I have to admit that orange and yellow are not my favorite color combo, but it works with the little ducky. :) The background stamping was inspired by the very talented loni stevens! And can you believe I dug out one of my old slide mounts -- I bought them forever ago when they were so very popular, and I think this might be the first time I actually used one!! (I'm thinking I might redo the stamping on it though, it's really crooked).
Anyway, thanks for popping in! :)


  1. very cute layout wendy! I love the colors - orange is so fresh and fun!

  2. This is so cute Wendy!! Love the colors and the stamping looks awesome! Glad you were able to just play for you! (:

  3. Hey Wendy Sue!

    I just found your blog! I'm so proud of you and all you have accomplished. What a beautiful baby boy you have -- so fun to see pictures.

    Here's a cyber hug from me!

  4. ooooh! I love this! so sweet, so perfect :)

  5. Oh how cute!!! I am SO gonna use that idea for the monthly pictures! Except I already missed it for the first month of Alex...I'll have to start with month 2! ;o)