Monday, May 20, 2013

photo freedom | birthday wishes…

Good morning friends!  I was just thinking yesterday about how fast time is passing.  My kiddos are growing up so quickly.  We are all so busy and there are so many things happening and no matter how hard I am willing life to slow down, time marches on.  Case in point: my sweet daughter is less than a month away from being 16!  She is only two weeks away from finishing her sophomore year in high school.  Driving, dating, working…those life-changing events are all right around the corner for her! 

Even though my efforts to slow time are not working, I am grateful for photographs and recorded memories that allow me to reflect, time and time again, on events from the past.  I recently created this photo freedom spread to share on the Echo Park blog (here).  I used the “Birthday Wishes” collection – you can find it here.

wendysue_glitz_birthday_pl_spread copy

If you’re not familiar with the “photo freedom” system (much like the popular “project life” system), you can read more about here on the Echo Park blog…it’s based on a system created by the oh-so-talented Stacy Julian!  It’s a “pocket page” based style of scrapbooking.  Super fast.  Super easy.  Super fun. 

There are several types of pocket page protectors available for this system – this is a combo pack with two of each style.  They are available at Two Peas (here), (here), and Amazon (here), just to name a few online stores.

Here are a few more details from my project:wendysue_glitz_birthday_pl_spread_detail2wendysue_glitz_birthday_pl_spread_detail3jpg

If you’d like to find out more about my project, you can download this (and other FREE) project PDFs HERE in the "Inspiration" section of the Echo Park website.

Happy Monday!