Friday, July 20, 2012

five things on a friday…

1.  I dropped this cute girl off at BYU last Monday morning for EFY.  She wanted to go all by herself – no friends this time.  She wasn’t even nervous one single bit (she’s so much more confident and brave than I was at her age…just one of the many things that amaze me about her)!


She met her roommate before I left and I knew instantly that they would hit it off.  Seriously – check out their outfits…they obviously have similar taste in clothing…and that’s a big thing to a teenager!  I had to assume they’d have a lot more in common as well. :)   I’ve chatted with her briefly a few times this week and she sounds so happy – she’s having such a great time.  EFY is such an amazing program – I’m so glad she wanted to do it.  I am excited to pick her up tomorrow morning and hear all about it!

2.  We spent an evening at my parent’s pond up in the mountains last week.  It’s so peaceful and beautiful up there.  I’m grateful we have such a great place to go to “get away” when we need to.


We went on a little hike where we spotted these two fallen trees – Seth and Zach were convinced there was buried treasure beneath them…”x” marks the spot, duh!


A little bit of “catch & release” fishing going on over there…


More exploring as the sun was setting…


Spotted a few of the “locals” back in the trees too!  Looks like one of them spotted us as well.  :)


3. Looking forward to next week – celebrating our pioneer heritage…and grateful I’ll be doing it from my home full of modern comforts and conveniences. So glad I won’t be here again:


4.I   purchased a new scrapbooking “tool” recently and I am LOVING it.  I think everyone should have one.


I know…you’re thinking “it’s just glue.”  But it’s so much more – it’s super sticky/strong glue – and that is worth so so much to a paper crafter…I hate when I’m going through projects and things are falling off.  So far this adhesive seems super strong and I am thinking it’s going to be my new favorite!  (You can buy your very own HERE!)

5.  I was able to work on some CHA samples for Carta Bella…here’s a little peek at a couple of them:


Happy Friday! :)


  1. Beautiful photos!!! How I would love to be near the mountains. I have yet to cave to the peer pressure of the ATG gun. Hangin' tight to my glue glider. Seems to still be holding well. I love the page!! Glad your daughter is having fun!!!

  2. Wow, gorgeous pictures!!!! And I think my ATG gun was one of the best scrappy purchases I ever made, I'm sure you'll continue to adore it!