Saturday, June 23, 2012

welcome home…

So glad to have these two sweeties back home with us!  Josh was at scout camp in Bear Lake all week.  This was his first week-long camp.  He earned a bunch of merit badges, including kayaking, and had a lot of fun.


{photo taken Monday morning just before heading out}

Meagan has been at Youth Conference (Lava Hot Springs) since Thursday.  She said it was so much fun – but her idea of fun = my idea of SCARY…high dives and rivers with waterfalls…bw_web

{photo taken bright & early Thursday morning before heading to Logan}

Glad they are both home safe and sound.  And so grateful for wonderful church leaders who are willing to sacrifice their time to take the youth on these adventures!

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  1. They are precious. It's been a long time since I saw mine off to camp and Youth Conference. Glad they're home safe and sound with you.